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Not only does Ceramic Pro represent the latest development in automotive exterior protection technology, but in fact it may well remain the definitive best-in-class product for years to come. Developed after more than a decade of research and experimentation, this nano-ceramic coating — which was initially developed for the aerospace industry — is just now becoming available to the consumer market. A coating of Ceramic Pro changes the appearance of your automobile in two marked ways: the color will look richer and more vibrant, and the vehicle will look cleaner, giving off a perpetual shine. Ceramic Pro also helps protect your vehicle’s paintjob and topcoat by creating a thin but incredibly durable protective layer.

How can one product boast so many qualities? The answers can be found under the microscope. Ceramic Pro creates a fully transparent barrier that, when viewed at the microscopic level, creates a 3D matrix pattern of interwoven molecular compounds. These compounds bond together so firmly that the hardness of the barrier created by Ceramic Pro is rated as 9H. For reference, even the most durable factory clear coat treatments are seldom even rated as 4H in hardness.

Ceramic Pro is a clear liquid prior to and during application, allowing it to fully and evenly coat a vehicle’s exterior, even filling in any small scratches, divots, or cracks to create a uniformly even surface. Once cured and hardened, Ceramic Pro creates a permanent boundary between your car and the world at large.



Permanent Scratch Protection
– Unlike a clear coat treatment, which might last for several years under most conditions, or a wax finish, which lasts only a matter of months at best, once a layer of Ceramic Pro has been applied and cured, it is forever bonded to your car.

UV Damage Reduction – The leading cause of cracked and faded vehicle upholstery and interiors is damage caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. When applied to the windows of a car or truck, Ceramic Pro effectively blocks a majority of UV light. And being optically clear, it does so without compromising your view in any way.

Deep and Vibrant Color – Ceramic Pro brings out the best in your vehicle’s paint job. It acts much like a lens, bringing a depth and richness to the colors of the exterior while also creating an ever-present shine. Vehicles treated with Ceramic Pro appear brighter and cleaner.

Self-Cleaning Exterior – Ceramic Pro creates a powerfully hydrophobic barrier around your car. This means two things: first, water readily runs off of the surface and leaves fewer streaks, marks, and hard water stains. Second, any dirt, droppings, brake dust, and other debris marring your car is easily washed away with little more than a quick rinse. The same water flowing so freely off of the car catches and removes other materials as well.

Leather, Plastic, Rubber and More – Beyond merely protecting the exterior of your vehicle, Ceramic Pro products can also help preserve and protect leather seats, dashboards, tires, and more. Specially tailored Ceramic Pro formulas can be directly applied to myriad materials and help with everything from preventing stains and water damage on upholstery to preventing the fading and cracking caused by excess sunlight.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Better Re-Sale Value – Ceramic Pro is more than an investment in the well-being of your car, it’s a way to save money in the long run. A vehicle coated with Ceramic Pro will require less frequent washing, fewer cosmetic repairs, and will have a higher re-sale value thanks to its lasting good looks and uniquely well-protected exterior.

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