Vehicle vinyl wrap — also known as paint wrap, color change wrap, and simply vehicle wrap or film — is one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades people make to their automobiles. Vinyl wrap can completely transform the appearance of a car’s exterior, adding dazzling color-shifting style, a flashy high shine metallic look, a modern matte finish, or by simply changing the color of the car at less cost and with more options than you have when using traditional auto paint.

One of the best things about vinyl color wrap is that it protects the surface of the car underneath. Color wrap prevents minor scratches, dents, fading and discoloring from sun damage, and etching caused by exposure to fuel, oil, chemicals, tree sap, and other damaging materials. Vinyl wrap can in fact protect the surface of your car as well as dedicated paint protection film, often called PPF and also known as clear bra film. But what can protect that vinyl film against damage? Ceramic Pro.

With a coating of Ceramic Pro layered atop vinyl wrap, the exterior of your wrapped car will look brand new for years to come. The advanced nano-ceramic formula was designed to create an ultra thin but impressively durable coat that bonds permanently to the color wrap of your car, forming a glass-like surface that is highly resistant to scratches, gouges, dents, and that can resist etching and scoring caused by chemical spills, sap, bird droppings, and more. While car wrap is a formidable material, it can be scratched, etched, or torn by a wide variety of materials. And once damaged, vinyl wrap usually must be removed wholesale and replaced in order to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the vehicle.

With Ceramic Pro, vinyl wrap can withstand much more damage, and it will also look better for longer, both in the short and the one term. That is to say that Ceramic Pro keeps your car cleaner by limiting what will stick to the car’s exterior thanks to its smooth, low-friction surface. It also maintains longterm appearances by preventing scratches, fading, bubbling, and that awful “orange peel” effect some car wrap creates after time has passed.

And for the vehicle that is driven extensively and/or that is often operated in adverse conditions, such as in snow, muddy areas, or on a track where brake dust and engine grease are prevalent, Ceramic Pro can be applied in multiple coats. Each layer of Ceramic Pro will enhance the durability and resilience of your car’s paint protection or vinyl wrap film, ensuring lasting good looks and a preserved exterior beneath all the protective coatings and wrap. It can also be applied over auto glass and helps the windshield and windows to shed water, maintaining a clearer view as you drive through rain, sleet, or snowy conditions.

And if you ever want to remove your car’s vinyl wrap, you will find Ceramic Pro remains flexible and pliant even years after application, allowing the film to be peeled away cleanly without any added difficulty in removing the wrap.