If your vehicle’s paint job is looking worn down and faded due to years of sun exposure, scratches and abrasions caused by road dust and debris, or if you’re simply tired of the color of the car, SUV, or truck, you might think a new paint job is the only way go. But in fact you also have the option of using a full color change wrap to refresh or change the color of your vehicle. When many people think of a color change wrap vinyl in Los Angeles, they picture flashy chrome exteriors or bright neon colors, or even patterns like camouflage or animal print wraps. And while vehicle color change film can be used to create all those looks and more, it can also be used simply to make a car a new color, just like a new coat of paint would do.

So why would you choose a full color wrap instead of a new paint job if all you want is a new color for your car? Several reasons.

First and foremost, a color change wrap is almost always going to cost less than a new auto paint job. If you go to the least expensive, lowest quality auto body shop in LA, you might get a paint job that is cheaper than you would pay for a high quality color change wrap installation, but high quality vehicle wrap costs less than a standard paint job in almost every case.

Color change wraps also last quite well even if you drive your car all the time and even if you park it outside. Most vinyl vehicle wraps will remain in great condition for at least five years, with some Avery color change wraps rated to last for more than ten years. Auto paint will often start to fade and discolor, losing its luster and depth, in less time than that; color stable vehicle vinyl wraps tend to look great right up until the time you choose to remove them prior to replacement or vehicle sale.

The fact that you can simply remove a color change wrap is another reason so many people in Los Angeles use vinyl wraps instead of paint. Once a car is painted, the only way to change its color other than a vehicle wrap is to strip off the old paint and replace it. With vehicle film, you apply the new color right over the existing paint job. Not only does this make the process faster and less expensive, but it also makes it completely reversible. When you remove the vinyl wrap later, whether it is months or years down the line, the underlying vehicle paint will be in the same condition as it was when you first applied the vinyl wrap. That allows you to enjoy a customized vehicle for many years without spoiling the inherent value of the car with its base paint color.

The semi-temporary nature of vehicle color change wraps is another reason they are popular in Los Angeles. Color change vinyl wraps are perfect for creating a vehicle with just the right look for use in a movie or TV show, or for use in a photo shoot or at a promotional event. The range of looks vehicle wraps can bring to any car means one vehicle can be used to create the illusion of myriad different cars or trucks at different times, or else to perfectly fit the creative direction of a producer, director, or designer.

Finally, while vehicle color change wraps are a great way to simply change the color of your car without getting a new paint job, they are also the best way to achieve the ultimate custom vision for your car if you want something decidedly less demure than solid “painted” color. Color shifting vinyl can create a striking multicolored or patterned look for your car; carbon fiber finish wraps lend a futuristic air; high shine metallic vehicle wraps make a car look bold and rich; and matte or brushed finishes lend an air of refinement and mystery.

In short, you could be driving a car with any look you want around Los Angeles. Color wrap films help you bring your vision to light, whether you are the designer in charge of the look for a major blockbuster Hollywood movie, or if you just want to bring a new level of excitement and adventure to your own personal vehicle.