Clear Bra Paint Protection Film in Orlando, Florida

Window Tint Z is proud to install clear bra paint protection film in Orlando, FL, and we have to say we’re especially proud to do so on a car as lovely as the Ferrari 488 we recently coated in this durable, protective wrap.

In Orlando clear bra paint film is a must have if you care about your car’s looks and about its retention of value. That’s primarily true because of two elemental issues quite well known to anyone who knows Central Florida: the sun and the rain. All the sunshine in the aptly named Sunshine State can fade and discolor auto paint over time, leaving a car looking worn and aged well before its time. And rain can leave streaks and spots on a car that look unsightly in the short term, while rain can ruin auto paint over time by leaving mineral deposits that break down the paint irreparably.

Without clear bra paint protection, it’s only a matter of time before your car loses its fresh looks and instead just looks shabby.

Clear Bra Paint Protection in Orlando
Clear Bra Paint Protection in Orlando

Paint Protection Film to Protect Car’s Paint

How does clear bra paint protection protect a car’s paint job? In two major ways. First, it rejects the sun’s invisible but harsh ultraviolet light, preventing the solar fading that makes cars look worn and old and that can greatly damage resale value.

Second, clear bra paint protection acts as a sacrificial barrier to physical damage. It can endure the scratches, scuffs, and minor dings that would scrape, wear, or chip your car’s paint. Once the clear bra film has ben damaged, you can simply have us remove the wrap, restoring your car to its ideal condition, and then have it replaced to ensure the vehicle remains protected.

Clear Bra in Orlando
Clear Bra in Orlando installed on a Ferrari 488 Spider

Clear Bra Installation on a Ferrari 488 in Orlando, Fl

We completed this Ferrari 488 clear bra paint wrap in Orlando just recently, and we’re thrilled to think of this handsome car cruising around Florida with its pristine paint job protected against everything from road dust to spilled fuel or chemicals to bird droppings to sap to so many more things that can damage car paint.

For most cars — even unique vehicles like this Ferrari 488 — clear bra wrapping can be completed in as little as a single day, so you can get your car back quickly and then enjoy its protected looks for years to come.

Paint Protection Film Orlando Ferrari 488
Paint Protection Film Orlando Ferrari 488

Best Paint Protection Film Installer in Orlando

If you ask us who the best paint protection wrap installers in Orlando, Florida are, we’re not going to be shy: it’s us. We’re confident saying that because we’ve heard it from so many customers, and because every new customer we acquire becomes a repeat customer, coming back for clear bra wrap, vinyl color wrap, window tinting, and all sorts of other automotive upgrade needs.

Window Tint Z uses the best materials, the latest techniques, and employs a team with years of experience and up to date training. Also, we charge a fair price for clear bra wrap as well as for all the other services we offer.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Orlando
Clear Bra Paint Protection Orlando

Once the installation of this Ferrari 488’s clear bra wrap was finished, it was impossible to tell the car had even been coated with paint protection film, and that’s exactly as it should be. Clear bra wrap does not change the look of a car at all save for giving it a slightly gloss look that makes the vehicle look clean and shiny at all times, even when it’s long between washes. Water slides off the hydrophobic surface and dirt, dust, and smudges can be easily wiped clean or dealt with via traditional car wash.

Clear Bra Paint Protection in Orlando Ferrari 488 Spider
Clear Bra Paint Protection in Orlando Ferrari 488 Spider

The cost of paint protection film in Orlando is well worth it when you trust your PPF wrap (paint protection film wrap) to Window Tint Z. Depending on the starting condition of your car’s exterior and the prep work needed to get it looking flawless, and depending on the size and type of car (some are more expensive based on physical surface area — think of a giant SUV — while others are pricier based on the unique angles and curves of the car — think this Ferrari 488!), the paint protection wrap costs could be anywhere from seven or eight hundred dollars to more than two thousand dollars.

But think of it like this: getting clear bra wrap for your car costs a lot less than getting a brand new paint job after damage has left your unwrapped car looking to shabby to keep on the road!

Come into Window Tint Z today for a free estimate of your PPF wrap job and let us take care of your prized ride.