Reports in late 2016 into early 2017 predicted that the most popular car color was soon to be blue, overtaking white which just years earlier had replaced silver as the top color choice for car owners. All these auto consumer opinion shifts can make it hard to choose a car color when buying – and worse if you’re stuck with what you have for a while. It’s a great reason why color change vinyl wraps are a great option for those car owners who want to stick with the times without breaking the bank. Today’s blue could be tomorrow’s orange. Who knows?

How do Los Angeles Car Owners Adjust to Changing Car Color Demands?

Basically, a single multinational paint company made the prediction to blue, and who knows if it will come to fruition. The Chicago Tribune and Fortune magazine reported on the PPG company prediction of blue leading the way, overtaking white which rode the tide of Apple’s success with the simplicity for a few years. Prior to that silver was the most popular car color for about a decade, the publications reported. Regardless whether the blue tide is true or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is, how do today’s car owners in Los Angeles adjust when the color of their expensive vehicle is no longer hip … or even remotely popular?

Save Time and Money with Color Change Vinyl Wraps in L.A.

New paint jobs can be expensive, and time-consuming. Depending on who you ask, quality new car paint jobs can cost up to $12,000 and take up to three weeks to complete. Aside from the five-figure cost, Los Angeles motorists rarely accept having their vehicle in a shop for weeks at a time. Today’s color change vinyl wraps can be applied in as little as a day, three days tops. Costs can range depending on the type of vehicle and car wrap film selected, but some car forums list the high at around $4,000 not including installation. All told, color change vinyl wraps can be much cheaper than full-on new paint jobs if the car owner wants a decent paint job done.

Other Benefits of Color Change Vinyl Wraps for Cars

On top of the versatility of being able to change your vehicle’s color (and finish) on the drop of a dime, color change vinyl wraps provide Los Angeles car owners many other benefits such as protecting the paint underneath from fading or discoloring under Southern California’s relentless sunshine. Vinyl car wrap films also protect from scratches, dings, stains and other threats common on Los Angeles roads and highways – which some authorities rank as the worst in the nation. Potholes kicking up pieces of asphalt, flying sand, loose auto parts, treacherous oil … Lots of things threaten your car’s paint job every day.

Why Blue as the Color Du Jour for Cars Today?

“Blue is a very versatile color for the automotive market, because subtle shifts in hue, chroma and flake appearance of a blue coating can do a lot to enhance a vehicle’s style or distinguish a brand,” Jane Harrington, PPG manager, said in a statement when the company released its findings in 2016. Car companies dating back to 2014 started giving blue hues their own fancy names, like Oval Blue on Ford’s GT supercar; Kona Blue for the 2016 Ford Focus; Hermosa Blue for Infiniti offerings; or Long Beach Blue Metallic for the BMW M2 sports coupe. But as stated before, today’s blue could be 2018’s orange, or 2019’s purple. Are you prepared to roll with the times?

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