Vinyl color wraps are, first and foremost, aesthetic enhancements. A full color wrap can full change the way your automobile looks, bringing style and verve to what was a humdrum vehicle, or adding aggressive attitude to what was a refined vehicle. Color wraps can transform the color, of course, but thanks to the many different finishes in which you can get these durable and versatile vinyl vehicle films, they can also change the entire look and feel of the car.

Even the bast paint job can’t change and improve a car in nearly as many ways as vehicle vinyl wrap. And what’s more, a paint job can’t protect the underlying surface of the car. When you apply a full color change wrap in Los Angeles, you are improving the look of your car and protecting its existing paint job and the physical exterior of the car against sun damage, wind blown debris, minor scratches, and even the heavy rains that do indeed sometimes fall in sunny Los Angeles. Vehicle wrap film is one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle, and it’s an investment you get to enjoy each and every day as you drive around the highways and streets of LA.

And when you choose a top of the line vehicle wrap film like those made by Avery Dennison or from the 3M 1080 line, you can count on that investment lasting for years: many vehicle color wraps remain in great condition for five, seven, and even ten years. Really, the question isn’t whether you should consider color wrap film, but rather which vehicle wrap will look best for your car.

Regardless of the type of vehicle wrap you choose, from a striking, undulating color shift wrap, to a modern and alluring carbon fiber film, to a flashy high shine chrome wrap, you can count on the physical vinyl film to perform in the same manner. At about 3.5 mil (or 3.5 thousandths of an inch), most vehicle wraps are thin and pliable enough to perfectly conform to the many curves and angles of your car, truck, or SUV. Great films like those from Avery or 3M can be maneuvered into position on the hood, door panels, roof, and other areas to be wrapped, then carefully trimmed for a perfect custom fit. As they are applied, using both heat and pressure sensitive adhesives, the built in (but fully invisible) air release channels allow all trapped air pocket to escape, so the finished exterior will be smooth and free of unsightly bubbles or creases.

Once firmly and finally applied, vehicle wrap film adheres to the car almost as closely as paint — it certainly looks like a paint job, save for how many more colors and patterns you can achieve using car wraps. And once in place on your car, vehicle film is not only adding style, but it is protective the surface. These films prevent the sun’s damaging UV light from fading the paint underneath, they keep road debris, dust, sand, and more from scratching the vehicle’s surface, and they can prevent the corrosion that is caused by salt water breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Los Angeles. Color change wraps can’t prevent major dents and damage caused by an accident or large piece of debris, but they can endure many of the small issues that would leave a paint job looking poor and shoddy.

And if your vehicle vinyl wrap is every scratched so badly it needs to be removed to restore the aesthetic appeal of the car, you can have vehicle film removed with ease, and the car will revert to its original painted state. (Or you can just have it re-wrapped with new color wrap film, of course.)

If you can’t decide with vehicle film to use for your car, instead of looking at all the dozens of color options or the patterns and finishes you could choose from Avery or from 3M, instead start looking at cars you love or even mocking up a design on your own. Vehicle color wraps are so versatile and so ready for customization that you can almost always pick or create the look you would like and then find a vehicle wrap that matches it, instead of trying to choose from an overwhelming catalog of vinyl film options. And if you’re still having trouble choosing, then you can always work with the best color wrap film installers in Los Angeles (or perhaps the best installers of color wrap in Southern California) to help you design and then achieve the exact custom look you want for your prized automobile.

And in case you were wondering, yes color change wraps cost less than auto paint in almost every instance. So that’s one more great reason to go for it!