While a commercial tint has the obvious benefit of an enhanced aesthetic, there are many performance specs that are unfamiliar to those new to tinting technology. With such rapid advancement in the last ten years, tinting has the capacity to achieve much more than just a pretty facade.

The facade of tinting can have added benefits. With so many hues and darkness levels to be considered, as well as the option for frosted, perforated, or logo-featuring films, you can decrease visibility of outsiders and increase privacy for you and your staff.

Your tint has the capacity to greatly reduce heating and cooling costs. The top-grade tints on the market can block out solar energy and up to 85% of heat from the sun, thus dramatically reducing the amount of energy required to meet and maintain ideal internal temperatures. This is especially important for offices in Atascocita, who fall victim to that toasty Texas sun. This protection will reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling the office, and will also reduce HVAC bills by acting as effective insulator to keep heat in during the colder months.

With the ability to bar out harmful infrared and UV rays, you are preventing yourself and your employees from being subject to the damaging, cancer-causing rays presented by unfiltered sunlight. These rays can also cause rapid fading of your interior, and can be detrimental to electronics and equipment. By filtering them, you will further enhance optics and visibility without sacrificing brightness.

A window tint will also strengthen your office windows with such advanced durability they are nearly shatter proof. If a glass pane is broken, the film will prevent it from falling apart into dangerous shards, and instead will keep the broken glass in place until it can be replaced.

With so many benefits, you’re certain to be pleased with your investment. The top tints are often backed by lengthy warranties, further reinforcing their commitment to excellence and confidence in the lifetime of their products. Contact WindowTintz to learn more about commercial tints in Atascocita!