Instead of squinting, sweating, and soaking in unfiltered sunlight, have you considered turning to tinting technology? Having made massive strides in the last decade, tints go far beyond their pretty faces. Today, tints sport impressive specs to make your investment worthwhile with a greater breadth of performance specs.

As Humble is subject to that steamy Texas sun, it’s no surprise that heat can build up and cause overwhelmingly uncomfortable heat, fluctuations in temperature, and bothersome hot-spots. With a high grade tint, you’ll be able to bar out 85% of heat from the sun, thus dramatically reducing the amount of energy required to meet and maintain ideal internal temperatures. This protection will reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling, and will also reduce heating bills by acting as effective insulator to trap wanted heat during the colder months

A window tint can also enhance optics for workers. Because they are able to bar out the dangerous, bothersome rays of the sun, you can see with better clarity without sacrificing brightness. Those same bothersome rays, such as UV and infrared, are also cancer-causing and can be detrimental to your interior decor, electronics, and materials. Blocking them can increase longevity and integrity of your office items.

Acting as a durable reinforcer, the tint will also strengthen your windows against theft or vandalism attempts, as well as extreme weather conditions. If a glass should break, the tint will keep shards in place instead of breaking off into sharp pieces.

That favorable aesthetic provided by tints also can have the added benefit of increase privacy. With different levels of darkness and hues available, the tint can decrease visibility from the outside, giving you and your employees added comfort.

If you’re interested in a commercial tint in Humble, contact WindowTintz to explore our wealth of options, ideas, and expertise!