With the ability to dramatically enhance comfortability, there are many benefits to applying a top-tier tint treatment to your commercial space. If you’ve noticed heat building up in your office, have broken a sweat during a Monday morning meeting, or you’ve been consistently squinting at projector screens, you are a choice candidate for commercial tinting.

Tinting will reduce heating and cooling costs – A high grade tint can block out solar energy and up to 85% of heat from the sun, thus dramatically reducing the amount of heat building up in your commercial space, and providing a cooler and more controlled interior – an especially advantageous performance spec for those in toasty Pasadena. This protection will reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling the office, and will also reduce HVAC bills because films are an effective insulator to keep heat in during the colder months.

A commercial tint will adhere to a more comfortable working environment. By barring out the rays that make you squint, optics of you and your workers will be greatly enhanced, the temperature will see less fluctuation which reduces agitation, and annoying hotspots will be softened to decrease visual and physical stress.

Enhance your aesthetic with a window tint. Express your company’s standard of excellence through style. With an enhanced facade, your office space will appear more sleek and design-oriented, impressing potential clients. With frosted, perforated, reflective, and a spectrum of darknesses and hues to choose from, you can choose the tint that best suits your design. It’s also possible to have your logo featured in the tint to increase notoriety and make your establishment easier to locate. A tint can also decrease visibility from the outside, providing you and your employees with improved privacy.

A film can reinforce and strengthen windows. Gain added security with a durable added layer to your windows. So strong they are nearly shatter-proof, no longer will compromised or broken windows result in a scattering of sharp, dangerous shards of glass.

So what are you waiting for? With so many benefits you are sure to see a positive return on your investment, and to enhance your everyday office experience. Contact us today with questions or ideas for your tinting task!