Commercial Anti Graffiti Film

Any commercial enterprise that has been defaced by graffiti knows that dealing with the aftermath can be time-consuming, costly, and can greatly interfere with the day-to-day operations of the business. Many different surfaces can be a target for a vandal’s graffiti, from glass windows and doors to mirrors to display cases and more. Fortunately, all of these surfaces and a number of others can be safely and affordably protected against graffiti damage using commercial anti graffiti film.

Anti graffiti window film forms a sacrificial layer between the exterior of a window (or a glass wall, a mirror, and so forth) that can endure the damage caused by graffiti and then be removed, leaving the underlying surface in perfect condition. Anti graffiti film stops paint and ink damage from marring a window, door, or wall, and it can even protect against the damage caused by scratches, gouges, and acid etching.

Commercial anti graffiti window film can be applied to large plate glass windows, such as are common in the fronts of retail stores, on glass doors or walls, on display cases and over picture frames, and over mirrors and even on many metallic surfaces as well. Replacing a sheet of anti graffiti film costs only a fraction of the price of replacing an actual pane of glass or door, so it is well worth the expense even if you think the likelihood of graffiti damage is minimal.

Anti graffiti window films are available in both four mil and six mil thicknesses, with the former being sightly more pliant and easy to apply and the latter slightly thicker and more durable and suitable for areas in which aggravated defacement is a potential.

Anti graffiti film is optically clear and will not change the way your windows look or alter their light transmission or the clarity of the view through the windows.