Commercial One-Way Privacy Window Tint

Whether you have a suite of offices with street level windows, a medical practice where exam rooms have exterior walls, or a retail space where customer discretion is warranted, commercial one-way privacy window tint is the ideal way to block the view into your place of business without affecting any other aspect of the property.

One-way privacy window film blocks the view into a property during daylight hours by darkening the outside surface of the windows and reflecting most of the sunshine that hits it. It can create more privacy and a better sense of security and calm for the people inside an office, restaurant, or other commercial location as they will know they are protected against the unwanted view of passersby.

One-way privacy window film blocks the view in through windows, but it does not prevent the visible light that fills a space, so the interior of your place of business will remain well-lit and productive. This film will slightly reduce the sun’s glare, though, making it easier to see screens, to read, or simply to look around the room.

One-way privacy commercial window tint is available in several shades and finishes, including gray, black, and certain colored tints as well as metallic finishes that bring a sleek and modern look to the property. From the inside, it will still be easy to see out through windows tinted with privacy film.