Commercial Safety & Security Window Film

Commercial safety window film applied to glass windows and doors helps prevent the glass from cracking and breaking apart as a result of myriad types of damage. Safety window film can help a window, door, or glass wall resist damage caused by flying debris, the pressure of intense winds or blast force, or against the acute impact caused by a hurled brick or a brandished hammer or crowbar.

With security window film in place, your business is better protected against accidental damage and intentional criminal trespass alone. Safety window tints are a smart investment both to protect property and personnel within a commercial location.

Regardless of whether a window film is installed to enhance protection against accidental breakage or to increase resistance against intentional damage, the effect is the same: safety window film helps prevent a window from shattering into pieces. That means less chance of injuries caused by shards of glass flying through the air or lying about on the floor, tables, or other surfaces within a commercial space, and of it means less chance for the interior of a commercial property to be compromised by unwanted entry.

A window treated with commercial safety film can still be cracked if struck with enough force, but it will hold together as a solid mass, instead of breaking into pieces and falling from the frame. A damaged window will have to be replaced, but it will still prevent unwanted entry into your place of business even after it is broken.

While commercial safety and security window film is tough and durable, it is also almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Windows coated with security film will allow in plenty of visible light, keeping the interior bright and productive, though without the same harsh glare as untreated glass. Safety window tint blocks the majority of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, however, preventing interior fading and discoloration and even protecting skin from the damage caused by longterm exposure to UV light.