Window Tint Z recently completed a custom frosted vinyl for office installation, and the results were a work space with more style and more privacy, creating an environment more conducive to productivity. Adding frost window film for conference rooms or offices is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to upgrade a workplace. It is also minimally invasive, the entire installation process lasting only a matter of hours even for large plate glass walls, windows, and doors. This office conference room window film is a great example how how frosted window tint for privacy also adds a handsome design element to a corporate interior.

Frosted Vinyl for Office Glass

Frosted vinyl window tint is an ideal choice for interior windows such as those of this conference room or for an office. Frosted window film blocks the view through a glass window, adding privacy, but still allows plenty of light to shine through, maintaining the brightness that helps make an interior feel motivating and stimulating. Frosted window tint for offices can be used on interior glass windows and doors and for exterior windows and glass doors, too, making it an ideal choice for ground-floor offices where the street level view out can be distracting and where people looking in from outside create an uncomfortable workspace.

Conference Room Glass Frosting

Decorative Frosted Window Film

Many businesses come to Window Tint Z interested in frosted window tint for privacy in offices, but what our customers are always pleased to learn is also just how much enhanced style frost window tints add to an interior. For this conference room, we installed a band of privacy frost window tint and then added two thin strips of film, one above and one below the main band, that give the glass walls a sleek, appealing appearance while enhancing privacy a bit more, too. We can apply frosted window tint in almost any configuration you can imagine, including bands, stops, or even in the form of lettering or logos.

Conference Room Glass Frosting

Privacy frosted window tint is ideal for conference rooms precisely because you can limit the amount of privacy created. This client did not want their conference room walls to be made completely opaque, as that would have made the conference space feel too closed off and uninviting. Instead, this band of privacy window film sits at just the right height to avoid those inside the meeting from being distracted by passersby outside the room and to block the view into the room by people working or walking nearby in the office. There is still plenty of transparent glass that allows a views into and out from the conference space should someone step up to window and peer in or out, thus the room still feels like a connected, welcoming space.

Conference Room Glass Frosting

Custom Window Film Printing

Window Tint Z prints all of our own window film in our shop, and we can cut and trim window film to fit any space and to take on any shape a client wants. From corporate logos to letters and numbers to custom patterns, we can create the exact window film application you want for your space, and we will do so using the best window tint option for the project, from frosted tint to metallic films to colored or shaded tinting and beyond.