We get asked this question so many times we almost think we should just frame the answer and put it on the wall, so we can point rather than reply, but here we go again. The question: why are so many cars in Florida white?

The answer? The sun! In Florida, the Sunshine State, things get super hot due to all that sunshine shining down all the time, and the white exterior of a car rejects maximum solar heat. Ironically, a good dark window tint can also keep your car much cooler inside, and that’s why this Orlando car window tint customer wanted a great tint job for her 2019 Honda HR-V.

The ceramic window tint we applied to her car will help reject much of the sun’s heat and will keep her and her passengers cooler and will even save fuel by reducing the need for AC. But that’s hardly all window tint for cars can do.

Keep your car looking newer inside with window tint.

Window Tint Preserves the Interior of a Vehicle

This brand new 2019 Honda HR-V looks great inside and out, and now thanks to the dark window tint we applied on its windows, it will stay looking great inside for years to come. Most of the fading and cracking that happens to car upholster and dashboards over the years is caused by ultraviolet light damage. By blocking 99% of the sun’s UV light, window tint helps preserve the looks and quality of a car’s interior, keeping it a pleasant cabin for the current owners and helping with eventual re-sale, too.