In the City of Los Angeles, a city of nearly four million people, your business has to stand out if it wants to succeed. And what’s the best way to make a business with street level windows stand out? Coat those windows with custom graphic window film in Los Angeles and the front of your business becomes its own very best advertising opportunity. Window Tint Z recently completed this installation of custom graphic window film for a Los Angeles dental practice, and the staff were thrilled with the finished product. Based on our long experience in using commercial custom window graphics in Los Angeles, we know they’re going to be even happier with the uptick in business that is coming their way as more and more new patients visit the practice thanks to the handsome, hard to miss window film now in place on the windows.

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Dentist Office Window Graphics in Los Angeles

Window Advertising for Dental Office in Los Angeles

This dentist’s office was looking for a way to attract new customers into its practice. They made a wise decision to pass on outdated advertising techniques like ads in the paper and instead asked Window Tint Z to use their very own windows as their space for promotions. Window advertising for dental offices in Los Angeles makes sense for multiple reasons. First, there is no logistical barrier between a potential client learning of the practice and then becoming a patient; they know at once exactly where the offices are, because they learned of them on location! Second, window adverting with custom window film does not require a business to spend any extra cash on ad space or billboard rental, they already own or lease the space they will be using, their very own windows. So once material and installation costs are paid for, window advertising for this Los Angeles dental practice meant no further expenses at all.

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Before – Window Graphics for Storefront

Perforated One Way Window Film Decals for Businesses

One of the main concerns this Los Angeles dental practice window film client had was to preserve the privacy of their patients, a concern we at Window Tint Z understand well: who wants to be gawked at while having a cavity filled? Thus we used a graphic window film that displays full color images on the outside of the building while completely blocking the view in past the vinyl window film. However, as the name suggests, perforated one way window film does allow a view out through the material from inside the practice, so staff and clientele alike can see out into the sunny streets of LA. And while this printed window film cannot be seen through, it does allow plenty of that welcome Southern California sunlight to enter the practice.

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Perforated Vinyl Window Film in Los Angeles

Window Graphics for Business in Los Angeles

Using window graphics for business advertising in Los Angeles is a smart move for the two reasons we discussed above — customers immediately associate your ads and your location and you already control the space used for the advertising — but also for another great reason. Custom printed vinyl window film will last for years and remain in great condition, but it can also be removed and replaced quickly. Should this dental practice for which we just installed graphic window film ever begin offering a new service, for example, we could remove and swap in brand new graphic film on a matter of days. Window Tint Z handles every aspect of the custom commercial window film process for our LA customers, including printing in house and installing on site.

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Custom Window Graphics in Los Angeles

Perforated Vinyl Window Film

Window Tint Z loves installing graphic printed perforated vinyl window film for our commercial clients around Los Angeles (though it can also be used by private citizens for decorations at parties and other events, or even as a unique residential accent) both because of the appearance and the performance of this product. We’ve already covered the benefits of window film advertising in Los Angeles, so now let’s discuss the actual performance of the material. Thanks to those countless minute perforations in the vinyl, this window film preserves the two essential functions of a window, namely lighting and viewing. From inside a property with perforated vinyl film on the windows, the view out is relatively clear. And most of the sun’s welcome visible light will still enter through the windows. A good portion of the warming IR and harmful UV light will be blocked, however, making the interior of your property that much more pleasant.

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Window Advertising for Dental Office in Los Angeles

Custom Window Graphics in Los Angeles

If you are interested in custom window graphics in Los Angeles, Window Tint Z is your best choice. We handle every step of the process in house, from helping you design your graphics and logos and plan your text to printing the window film to installing the vinyl at your location. Window film can be used for general advertising, privacy, sharing information about your location (name, contact info, etc.) and to promote limited opportunity sales or offerings. And if you ever want to have your window film removed, Window Tint Z can help with that as well, quickly restoring the windows and glass doors to their original state without a trace of the window film application left behind.

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