Dark Window Tint Adds More Than Privacy

When most people think of vehicle window tinting they picture limousines with their dark privacy tint. And indeed window film for a car, truck, or SUV does add more privacy and keeps the driver and passengers more comfortably anonymous while they’re within the vehicle. But tinting for automobiles is about so much more than privacy. Just take a look at this 2019 Ford Raptor to which we recently applied a 15% window tint on the side windows. The contrast of white truck body and dark windows creates a handsome stylishness that will set the truck apart from the crowd even as the tint keeps those inside unknown from those nearby.

Florida Window Tint for Trucks Cuts the Heat

Window tint for a truck like this Ford 2019 is a must have in Florida because all that Florida sunshine can drive interior cabin temperatures up so high they becomes beyond unpleasant, even getting unsafe for people to be in the truck. Hot interior temps mean blasting the AC and that uses up fuel and makes the truck less efficient. By rejecting solar heat to begin with truck tinting in Florida keeps you cooler and keeps more gas in the tank.