All window film deteriorates after some time and requires to be removed in a window tint near me. Two of the most common types of deteriorated film are the “bubbling film” and the “purple film.” Purple film is due to non-metallic dyes that are present in the film that broke down and changed color. While bubbling film is due to the failing of adhesive in the film. When one bubble appears, for sure many more will follow.

When those things happen, the only option you have is to remove the window film through the help of window tinting shop. Having it removed in a shop removing window tint near Kissimmee can make you spend a lot of money. However, if you want to save your bank account from expenses, you can just buy window tint supplies near Kissimmee that can help you remove window tint at home.

Here are some tips in removing window tint without going to a tint shop near me in Kissimmee.

In removing window tint, you can make use of the sun and some ammonia. Take note that before you start removing window tint with the help of sun and ammonia, it should sunny outside. However, if you are living in a place where it is always cloudy, you can go to a window tint near me or consider these alternative techniques:

  1. Cut two black garbage bags in roughly the same shape as the window.

Spray water with soap on the window’s exterior, and then cover the windows with black garbage bags. Flatten and smoothen the plastic.

  1. Protect all inside of surfaces near the window with a tarp.

Protect the car’s rear light, speakers, and upholstered surfaces. Make sure also to wear a mask before spraying. This is because ammonia is harmful, and different individuals have varied reaction when exposed to ammonia fumes.

  1. While the ammonia is still wet, trap the ammonia against the window film.

You can do this by putting another garbage bag or plastic on the window film. When you leave your car under the heat of the sun, the garbage bags will absorb the sun’s heat and help in peeling of the film in one piece.

  1. Start peeling the window film.

You can use a razor blade or your fingernail in peeling off the window film starting on the corner of the window. Try to peel it off in one piece, and be extra careful not to have the defroster lines cut.

  1. Remove any residual adhesive with ammonia.

Use a very fine steel wool together with the ammonia in removing residual adhesive. Make sure to wipe the window’s surface with paper towel before it totally dries.

After the removal of window film, you can have it replaced in Vista window film in Kissimmee. It is better to choose the best window tint grades in Kissimmee for it look more elegant and last longer. Following those instructions can help you remove tint without searching for “window tint near me.”