The short answer is YES.  Paint protection film (PPF) is designed to absorb impact and preserve your paint from rock chips and other road debris.  The film itself is also self healing, this means it has the ability to heal swirls and scratches with heat, leaving your paint glossy and shiny. Paint protection film (PPF) technology has evolved tremendously over the last couple of years. With a great installer and one of the best products like Xpel Ultimate Plus (which boasts a 10 year warranty) you’d be hard pressed to even see the film on the vehicle. 

However, paint protection film does not make your vehicle bullet proof. The film is designed to take the brunt force of the damage to save the paint. If a rock did hit the vehicle and it was sharp enough or the speed was fast enough, it could puncture the film and damage the paint. You can expect the damage to be less than it would have been if there were no film at all. This rarely happens, but we have seen it, mostly on heavy highway driven vehicles.  XPEL Ultimate Plus has a thicker film for high impact areas that works perfectly. 

Is Paint Protection Film Worth The Cost?

With paint protection film becoming more popular, many clients ask us if we think paint protection film/PPF is worth the cost.  As experts in the industry, and 1000’s of cars installed over the years, here is what we have found:

If you want your car to be kept pristine, with glossy paint, and plan to preserve the value to the highest possible standard, paint protection film is definitely worth it. Paint protection film is typically covered under most auto insurance policies as well.  That means if you were to get in an accident, your insurance, if covered, would pay to repair the vehicle AND pay to have the paint protection film replaced.   

The film helps prevent rock chips, pitting, scrapes and scratches to preserve the value of any vehicle from a Lamborghini to a Kia. Cars in the Excellent Condition category from KBB rank 10-15% higher in resale value VS. the Very Good category which allows for light damages like rock chips. This can mean quite a bit of increased value on a vehicle, especially on higher end vehicles.  

Is It Necessary To Install PPF On the Full Vehicle?

No.  The most impacted areas to any vehicle would be the bumper, headlights, mirrors, hood and front fenders. Since paint protection film is nearly undetectable when installed on a vehicle, you can protect just a few key areas and never notice any difference in appearance. 

We will help you decide about how much PPF is right for your vehicle by covering these points with you:

  • – Personal Preference
  • – Height and Size of Vehicle
  • – Budget
  • – Typical Driving Terrain (Highway or No)
  • – Maintenance Practices (Washing)
  • – Value of your vehicle’s appearance

From there we will be able to determine which paint protection film package is right for you. Now It’s important to find an experienced, high quality installer. A great installer will have a large, clean indoor location for installation.   A quality installer will take pride in their work and focus on the small details of the install.  You want to find a company that stands behind their work beyond the manufacturer warranty and can provide plenty of references.  Having a company you trust do the installation will help you appreciate the install and have confidence your install will last for years to protect your ride.

Here at Window Tint Z, we deliver premium, uncommon installs because it’s what we’d want for our own vehicles.

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