If you ever wants to know why this Ferrari costs three hundred thousand bucks or that Lamborghini costs a quarter million, while this Ford JT costs half a million and that BMW i8 costs $150,000, a good guy to ask is Doug DeMuro. But actually, it might be hard to get Doug on the phone or via email, so instead maybe just check out his YouTube channel. DeMuro is one of the more popular car-themed YouTuber bloggers these days, with almost 800,000 subscribers to his channel as of the time of this writing. And many of his videos are centered on a common theme of what a given car’s price tag really gets you.

DeMuro comes across as an understated, approachable kind of guy, which is a pleasant switch from so many car bloggers (and vloggers Tweeters and whatnot) who tend to have outside personas and egos. DeMuro also has a solid educational and professional background that gives him an edge over many social media celebrity car guys when it comes to speaking with authority. He earned a degree in economics, which helps one understand the business side of the automotive world, and worked for a number of years at the North American headquarters of the automaker Porsche, which of course informed his later pursuits as a car writer and vlogger.

Doug DeMuro’s YouTube videos tend to be more informative than they are entertaining, but I mean that not as a pejorative. Ultimately, we don’t need to know what some 23 year old who happened to become popular via Vine or Twitter thinks about this or that custom trim job on his friend’s Audi; we do, however, often need to understand the relative merits of one car vs. another, and to know what we ought be getting for our money when we consider the purchase of, say, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, an Acura NSX, or anything in between.

Watching Doug Demuro’s YouTube videos is more like watching a television program about a given car than it is like watching a social media star’s self-oriented video diary. For example, take a look at DeMuro’s video about the $200,000 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus.

The Audi R8 cost only (yeah… only) around a hundred thousand dollars when it came out a few years back. Since the first R8s came out in 2006, the car has improved dramatically. As in gaining about 200 more horsepower. The 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus tops out at 610 horses, and has a top speed of about 205 miles per hour. You’ll get to sixty off the line in about 3.2 seconds. It’s also a comfortable, intuitively designed car, as DeMuro’s thorough review video shows, and is packed with technology.

As nice a ride as the Audi R8 V10 looks to be, and as steep a price tag as $200,000 might seem (and is), that car has nothing on the price or the power of another vehicle Doug DeMuro took for a test drive a few months back. After watching him enjoy the 2017 Ford GT, you will probably be filled with enough envy to punch your screen, so sit on your hands as you watch this.

The 2017 Ford GT has a 647 horsepower engine and a top speed of more than 215 miles per hour. (Now, to be fair, it’s a 216 MPH top speed, but still, I’m being accurate here, dammit.) It’s zero to sixty time breaks the three second mark, at just 2.9 seconds. Which is… amazing. How much will a new Ford GT cost you this year? About $450,000. Yes, almost half a million dollars for a car. How does the latest generation of Ford GTs stack up with the model’s past versions? Well, it’s a lot faster. And a lot more expensive. The 2005 Ford GT MSRP was around $150,000. And it had almost 100 fewer horses under the hood, at 550 HP.

Here’s Doug DeMuro’s 2017 Ford GT review and drive:

That thing really looks more like an airplane (or a spaceship) than an automobile, doesn’t it? The steering wheel will also make you think of a pilot’s cockpit rather than the cabin of a car; it is laden with controls, which makes sense, because you’re not supposed to take your hands off the wheel of this thing while you drive it.

By talking at the speed of light (he remains articulate and easy enough to understand despite his rapid fire narration) DeMuro manages to share just about every point worth noting in the vehicles he tries out. In the case of the 2017 Ford GT, what struck me more than anything is the fact that the seat cannot move, but that the pedals can. That’s right, you can’t move the base of the seat (the backrest tilts to varying angles), but the pedals can be maneuvered forward or backward for a more comfortable fit and better control. Why? Apparently the mechanism that let’s the seats move forward and backward just aded too much weight for the designers.

Doug DeMuro receives occasional criticism for his videos coming off more like advertisements than reviews or entertainment pieces, and I can see why people think that, but frankly what I see more often than not is just a guy who is genuinely really excited to be driving these amazing cars and who is aware how lucky he is to have found his niche.

Once DeMuro drives thee 2017 Ford GT, you can see how unabashed excited he is by the vehicle. This is a guy who has spent plenty of time in plenty of amazing vehicles, and from the first time he opens up the gas, you can see him start to lose his informative approach and give into the thrill of the drive.

Also, in case you were wondering about DeMuro’s overall impression of the 2017 Ford GT, at one point he says: “I have not driven something that handles this well… ever.” Now that, folks, is quite a statement from a man whose other videos feature cars like the Lamborghini Huracan and the Lexus LFA supercar.