The Dual-Reflective Series by Vista Window Film offers 6 window films with varying levels of protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as other window-improving benefits. The thrust of the window film series is for the exterior, to provide more reflectivity – that is, the ability to reflect light or radiation away from the glass surface. At the same time, the Dual-Reflective window films are supposed to produce lower interior reflectivity levels to allow superb views to the outside world day or night. All told, the Dual-Reflective Series window films aim to deflect light (and heat) coming in, while doing as little as possible to deter from the view inside-out.

The 6 Choices among the Dual-Reflective Film Family

The Series consists of the Ultima, Celeste, Luminance, Mirage, Nuance and Sunrise Bronze window films. Due to the abovementioned dual-reflective qualities, each film provides superior energy savings. Again, the intent is reflecting as much light and heat as possible on the outside, with as little impact to the views from the inside as possible. Dual-Reflective Series films by Vista Window Film are recommended for application to both residential and commercial properties, especially where heat and glare are the biggest concerns. While the films seem specific in aim, understand that each carries significant qualities in terms of protection.

Protective Qualities of the Dual-Reflective Window Films

For instance, a regular unimproved (no window film) window glass will let in an estimated 83 percent of total solar transmittance, and 90 percent of visible light transmittance (VLT) – a major measuring stick for window films. Add the Ultima V14 SR CDF film from the Dual-Reflective Series, and the numbers drop to 7 percent and 10 percent, respectively. The least protective of the Series is the Nuance V48 SR CDF, and even it drops the total solar transmittance to 39 percent, and the VLT to 46 percent. You might have specific needs to meet with a Dual-Reflective film, but no matter what you will get the added benefit of protection from the sun’s rays and extra light.

More on How Dual-Reflective Films Protect Us

The sun’s rays are harmful to humans and properties alike. The ultraviolet rays (UV rays) it produces, along with infrared rays (IR rays) and associated heat, wreak havoc on our skin and on carpets and upholstery. The Dual-Reflective Series is a powerful deterrent. In the middle of the Series’ spectrum, in terms of window film performance data, is the Sunrise Bronze V33BR SR CDF film. Consider this: a clear unimproved window rejects just 14 percent of solar energy, and provides zero glare reduction. Add the Sunrise Bronze film and you get 66 percent solar energy rejected, and on top cut 57 percent of the glare.

Nearly Complete UV Ray Protection from the Dual-Reflective Window Films

The Dual-Reflective Series by Vista Window Film presents 6 window films with a range of protection levels to choose from, as well as tint shades such as the Sunrise Bronze film. They each provide a powerful level of protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays – each more than 99 percent protection from UV rays – and also VLT percentages ranging from 10 to 46 percent. Data aside, you can talk with a Vista Window Film professional to best understand the strategic applications for the Dual-Reflective films, and which of the 6 will be best for your residential or commercial property.