Some auto tint enthusiasts are really attuned to luxury car window tint product, so the question becomes, what about the new DUB IR tint price? There are tint-savvy car enthusiasts who understand the benefits of high-quality window tints like DUB IR Luxury Window Tint, Huper Optik, LLumar and the like. It’s understandable that the typical car owner, now knowing what to put on his or her car windows, will just go to a window tint installer and take whatever is recommended. Most might shop around on price, and ask about how it might be promised to be installed, but after that …

DUB-IR Window Tint Luxury Window Film
DUB-IR Window Tint Luxury Window Film

The DUB IR Tint Price May be More Affordable than Imagined

While first venturing into tinting car windows, the question arises, what’s the DUB IR tint price compared with LLumar, Huper Optik, 3M, etc. – of all those offering the tops in window tint films? Car owners want first for their vehicle to look the best possible. Second, will it last? And finally – if not first – what will it cost? The DUB IR Luxury Window Tint, while imbedding the term “luxury” in its company tagline, has so far not deflected aficionados with its price. Wrote a reviewer on, “I used to have 3M Crystralline on my previous car and the DUB IR was about the same performance at a cheaper price.”

DUB IR Window Tint Price vs. Performance

So … if you have experience with the DUB IR tint price as it compares with its ultimate look, performance and lasting ability, please let us know. Window Tintz provides only the highest quality in window tinting and tint application. The DUB IR film is said to block 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, knock down over 80 percent of infrared light intrusion, deflects 60 percent of heat that gets inside your car, and has – this is important – full 100-percent clarity with tints regardless of light or dark tint. This final fact is vital for luxury window tint film as some have been known to impede vision from the inside to out.

DUB-IR Window Tint - Ford Fusion Los Angeles
DUB-IR Window Tint installed on a 2016 Ford Fusion by Window Tintz in Los Angeles, California

Other Details Related to the DUB IR Window Tint Price

When considering the DUB IR window tint price, here are some other details that may help sway your decision for a new luxury window tint job on your vehicle. The film is made from advanced nano-ceramic laminated film, which is scratch-resistant, non-reflective and is said to be very easy to install. It’s non-metallic construction provides enhanced protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which can cause cancer and damage the eyes. The company says it’s guaranteed against peeling, fading and cracking. The company uses a slogan, “DUB IR is tint with technology.” Time will tell how well the film holds up over the long haul.