DUB Show Los Angeles 2018

The 2018 Dub Show Tour is making stops in multiple cities across America, so chances are good that you’re in driving distance to a DUB Show near your home. There will be 2018 DUB Show events in Wildwood, NJ, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and finally the last 2018 DUB Show stop takes place in Los Angeles, CA. Whether you have never been to a DUB Show event before or you are a loyal DUB Show groupie (like the guys from Window Tint Z) this is a year not to miss DUB Show events. The lineup of custom cars, trucks, and SUVs looks to be better than ever, while the entertainment, concessions, and product displays at each DUB Show grow more and more impressive each year.

DUB Show Los Angeles 2018

The 2018 Dub Show Tour Los Angeles stop takes place at the larger LA Auto Show from November 30th through December 9th 2018. This annual not-to-be-missed event is held at the famed Los Angeles Convention Center just south of Downtown LA, and at it some of the most amazing automobiles on earth will be on display for up close and personal review. The LA Auto Show is also famous for unveilings of brand new car models and stunning upgrades to existing vehicles. The DUB Show Los Angeles is a great place to see what creative car owners have done to make their prized vehicles even more amazing and unique.

DUB Show Los Angeles 2018 Lineup

The 2018 Los Angeles DUB Show lineup will feature the LFTD & LVLD truck and jeep showcase, the Monster Energy Lounge, and of course some of the most amazing custom vehicles from Southern California and from all around the country. The event will also have musical guests, celebrity engagement opportunities, and numerous contests across various classes of vehicle, from low riders to raised trucks and everything in between.


And while of course the team from Window Tint Z will love checking out all the amazing vehicles, we’re equally excited by the DUB window tint that started it all. DUB IR (infrared) window film is such an effective, successful product that it has allowed the brand to expand into the custom car show sponsorship for which it is now so well known. DUB IR tint for cars offers stunning 90% infrared sunlight and 99% ultraviolet light rejection, and can block more than 68% of the heat that would pass unchecked through vehicle windows without tint. In most shades, DUB window film does not reduce visual clarity even while offering all that solar rejection. DUB IR tint is available in everything from 5% all the way above 70% shading (the percentage refers to the amount of light that passes through, so 5% is quite a dark tint, while 70% is much more subtle) so you can use DUB tinting to create the exact custom look you want for your car. Maybe your DUB IR window tinted vehicle will even end up at a DUB Tour Show event one day!