Recently got a window tint and not sure how to maintain it without spending the extra bucks? Most auto glass tinting near Culver City CA offer after-sales services to help you get the most of the installed tints. But that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t spend a dollar or two every time you bring your vehicle to the shop.

Here are some easy home remedy tips to clean your window tints using simple household products.

Tip No. 1

Visiting an eclipse window tinting in Culver City CA does not equate to immediately starting to care for your window tint. The first step to maintaining your newly installed tint is to wait for it to cure properly. Curing, or simply letting the tint dry out completely, is a vital key to note before you start considering any maintenance procedures. The curing time varies depending on the type of tint and glass, as well as the amount of sunlight it gets. You must let the application solution and water to evaporate between the glass and the tint film.

Tip No. 2

Avoid any cleaning material with ammonia in it. Ammonia will cause the window film to appear purplish after a long time of use. This will also weaken the film, making it brittle over time. Traditional sprays with this ingredient release harmful toxins that is unsafe for you and your window film.

Tip No. 3

Instead of going to the nearest window tinting around Culver City CA to buy a specialized spray for your window tint, why not make your own? Just mix 2 tbsp. of rubbing alcohol, 2 drops of Johnson & Johnson baby soap and fill the rest of a spray bottle with water. The alcohol breaks up greases or oils on the window, plus it makes the cleaner dry faster.

Tip No. 4

After getting your autotint around Culver City CA, ensure that you have a handy microfiber cloth with you. This cloth easily wipes off dust and dirt without scratching your new window film. Never use abrasive cloth, steel wool or a scourer as these will surely scratch your tint and may even result in imperfections or glaring flaws.

At the end of telling yourself to “get windows tinted near me near Culver City CA,” good cleaning habits result to a longer relationship with your installed tint. Make sure you always read the label and steer clear of any harsh chemicals or abrasive material. Learning the proper way of cleaning for your window tint at home increases its durability and saves your pocket from other severe damages.