Let me start out by giving Kelly and Daniel a shoutout for running an amazing business. These guys are not only experts at what they do but also masters of customer service! As I mentioned to these two gentlemen, I have gone through 4 different window tinting experiences, and Window Tintz by far has been the best in all regards. Please if you are in the market for getting your windows tinted, I highly recommend that you take the time to come down to this establishment and at least hear them out before making any decision. I came in looking to tint my two front windows and I was blown away by all the options they have in tint percentages, which is rare in other shops. After speaking with Kelly for a while, who was genuinely excited to talk to me and even DEMONSTRATED the quality of his products, I decided to go with the ceramic option. If in doubt as to whether ceramic is worth it or not, they can put your mind at ease with the infrared machine they have to show you in person of how much of a difference it makes. To cap it all off, they were fast, detail-oriented, helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely friendly. I know where I will be getting my windows tinted from now on and they can rest assured I will recommended them to all my friends and family members!

Yelp Review from Danny F. of Los Angeles, California
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