Since its development a few short years ago, Ceramic Pro has fast become recognized as one of the best vehicle exterior protection products ever released. And Window Tintz is rapidly becoming known as the state of Florida’s best installer of this unique vehicle protection product. Ceramic Pro is based on a nano-ceramic coating technology that layers a thin, transparent and immensely strong coat over a vehicle’s exterior, thus forming an indelible barrier between the car and the numerous sources of cosmetic damage the vehicle faces, incuding weather, rusting, dents, scratches, and much more.

Window Tintz offers our customers multiple Ceramic Pro products, including Ceramic Pro Strong, an industrial-grade formula developed for use with commercial vehicles that need exterior protection in the most demanding of conditions, and Ceramic Pro 9H, our most popular nano-ceramic coating that is prized privately owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. We use all the latest vehicle coating equipment and our staff undergoes annual re-training to ensure we are always at the forefront of vehicle coating technology and application techniques.

In Florida, the Sunshine State, Ceramic Pro coating protects your vehicle from the chronic damage caused by thousands of hours of yearly sunshine, as well as from the rains and falling debris that can come with severe tropical storms. It also helps your car resist damage from graffiti and from all sorts of scratches, and from corrosion and rust, the stains caused by fuel spills, bird droppings, or gobs of tree sap, and from so much more, as well. By creating an immensely durable, hydrophobic layer over the a vehicle’s exterior, Ceramic Pro keeps a car looking clean and new and protects it from the damage that would greatly devalue your automobile. A coated car looks better every day and retains more value over time, which you’ll appreciate should the time to part with the vehicle come.

Ceramic Pro Pricing In Florida

One of the most frequently asked questions we here at Window Tintz get from our customers is how much does Ceramic Pro cost? In Florida as in any other area our affiliates serve, we always say that the first thing a car owner should be asking is actually how much does a brand new paint job or vinyl color wrap cost? Because once your vehicle’s exterior fades, corrodes, discolors, or is damaged in other ways by long exposure to inclement weather, by scratches from pebbles, car doors, or bushes near the driveway, you will need an expensive exterior restoration if the vehicle is to look good again.

However, if you have Ceramic Pro applied, your car’s paint job or vinyl wrap will be protected from all that damage and will still be looking great years from now.

So how much does getting Ceramic Pro cost in Florida? It costs less than a brand new paint job or vinyl wrap, that’s for sure. While we don’t give out fixed price quotes as every Ceramic Pro installation is a custom job with custom pricing, we will be glad to give you a custom price quote for your vehicle; just fill out the quick form on our site and we will soon get in touch.

Window Tintz Ceramic Pro Gold Package In Florida

Window Tintz employees recommend the Ceramic Pro Gold Package for Florida vehicles more than any other single Ceramic Pro product option, and it’s the approach we use with our own cars, too. That is because the Ceramic Pro Gold Package offers all but permanent vehicle exterior protection.

Our Ceramic Pro Gold Package consists of four layers of amazingly strong, super hydrophobic, heat- and UV-resistant Ceramic Pro 9H layered one coat on top of the next, and these four coats covering every part of a vehicle’s painted or wrapped body. Ceramic Pro 9H creates a molecular bond with auto paint or vinyl wrap, and each added coat enhances the strength and durability of this coating. Atop those plural layers of 9H formula, a Gold Package vehicle gets a layer of Ceramic Pro Light, a high gloss formula that sheds water with ease and prevents streaks and water spots, and that even reduces UV-light damage. Because Ceramic Pro Light is even layered over window glass, this formula protects the inside of the vehicle from fading and discoloring.

Florida’s Finest Ceramic Pro 9H Installers

Ceramic Pro 9H is one of the most rugged, most durable vehicle coating products every created. The “9H” in the name refers to the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, in which the number 1 correlates to the soft mineral talc, while a 10 correlates to the unmatched hardness of a diamond. So the 9H in Ceramic Pro 9H means, in short, that this coating product is amazingly resistant to being scratched. It is also resistant to corrosion, water spots, and solar damage-resistant. And in fact the list goes on. Once installed, Ceramic Pro 9H can offer 30 years of protection for your car’s exterior.

Automotive Vinyl and Paint Correction In Florida

Automotive paint correction and restoration is a needed step before any Ceramic Pro coating can be applied. As Ceramic Pro creates a permanently bonded layer over your vehicle’s exterior, one that can only be removed using abrasion, you need to make sure the car looks great before you coat it.

Our team can restore and repair damaged automotive paint or compromised vehicle vinyl wrap whether the exterior issues are mild or severe; we deal with paint correction that’s limited to a few minor spots or fading and peeling covering the entire exterior. From unsightly swirls or scratches in auto paint to bubbled or torn vinyl, and from a generally faded or discolored exterior to a car plagued with deep dents and gouges, we can complete a total exterior restoration before we coat the auto with Ceramic Pro. That way, you will proudly own a car that starts off looking its best and that will have its “showroom” looks protected by our Ceramic Pro coating, a coating that prevents future scratches, discoloration, fading, corrosion, and much more for years and years.