You may be tempted to try out some cheap DIY window tinting solutions or brands with high claims but no warranties, but the risks of doing so far outweigh the benefits. Here are just a few of the problems that may occur if you attempt your own commercial window film installation project:

  • Poor performance that do not meet the energy saving benefits you had hoped for, thus less ROI, little variation in solar heat reduction, energy use, and glare.
  • Creases, bubbles, and crinkles either upon removal or sometime not too long after the application.
  • Voiding of warranty: some companies requires that your tint be installed by a certified professional, otherwise the warranty is voided.
  • Damage to your windows can occur should you apply a tint which does not fit your window or glass type.

Most tinting applications require extensive training and special tools to apply to perfection, and seldom do homeowners have the equipment and the expertise to successfully apply and adhere a tinting option that has the ability to last with ongoing performance standards.

Before they’re certified to install window film on a home, professional dealers and installers typically participate in education and training to learn how to properly prepare for and apply commercial and residential window films. Vista only allows specific dealers to carry and apply their products to ensure the utmost satisfaction, and thus maintain a roster of dealerships so you can decipher which option is closest to and/or best for you.

To find a Vista window film dealer near you, type in your location on Vista film’s official search tool to ensure you do not go through an unauthorized dealer. If the dealer who applies your tint is unauthorized, your Vista warranty will not be valid. Click here to use the dealer search tool.