The Formula One line of ceramic tint for cars features some of the newest and finest options available in automotive window films. These top quality window tints offer unparalleled efficacy and resilience; once installed, Formula One ceramic window tint will, almost without fail, endure for the entire life of the vehicle without the need for any maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Ceramic tint for cars is popular because unlike dye-based vehicle window tinting, these films will not discolor or fade over time. Dyed window tints are also rather easily scratched. Unlike metal-based vehicle window tints, ceramic car tint will not interfere with the signals from or to a radio, GPS unit, or to a phone. Most metallic window tints create a shiny look on the glass, which some people dislike for their vehicles. Carbon window tints offer many benefits and few of the drawbacks of dyed or metalized window tint, but these films markedly darken the windows of the vehicle, whereas ceramic tint for cars can perform well even without noticeably darkening a vehicle’s cabin.

Of course it’s not for the things Formula One ceramic tint for cars doesn’t do that you buy it, but for the benefits it offers. The millions of nano-ceramic particles infused into Formula One ceramic tint work in concert to create a superlative shield against solar energy yet still allow a crystal clear view out through the window both day and night. Ceramic window film blocks between 45% and 50% of the infrared solar rays that cause interior heat, thus keeping your vehicle interior more comfortable and requiring less use of fuel-draining air conditioning. Ceramic window tint also rejects 99% of the damaging ultraviolet light that fades upholstery and dashboards and that can cause skin damage. And while Formula One ceramic auto tinting lets in plenty of visible light, keeping your car interior well lighted during the day, it cuts the harsh glare of bright sunlight that can cause eye strain and fatigue, which contribute to unsafe driving conditions.

Formula One ceramic tint for cars also adds tensile strength to glass windows, reducing the chance of the glass cracking or shattering after an impact or accident.