Formula One Stratos Tint for TESLA Model X

Formula One Stratos Tint

We recently completed installing Llumar Formula One Stratos tint on a Tesla Model X and both the vehicle owner and the guys from the Window Tint Z team were so happy with the results that we decided to share them with you. And in fact, it has quickly became clear to us that Formula One Stratos window film for Tesla Model X cars (or for Model S or 3 Tesla vehicles) is simply a great fit. This high performance, attractive window tint matches the design quality and aesthetic refinement of the Tesla Model X perfectly, and it is a great match for myriad other fine automobiles as well.

Formula One Stratos Review

A quick review of Formula One Stratos window tint for cars will make it quite clear why this is such a great choice for a Tesla Model X. This tint rejects up to 63% of the sun’s heat, meaning much less needed use of your Tesla’s air conditioning system on hot, sunny days. As AC is a huge drain on batteries, the less you use the climate control systems thanks to enhanced window tinting, the more power you will have left in hand for driving and the less often you will need to charge your vehicle. Also, Llumar Formula One Stratos tint blocks a stunning 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, this protecting the interior of the cabin of your Tesla Model X against fading and cracking that can make the car look much less appealing and that can reduce its resale value, too.

Tesla Model X Ceramic Tint

If you are considering which automative window tint is best for Tesla Model X cars, then we strongly recommend you go with a ceramic tint. Formula One Stratos ceramic tint is a metal-free window film that uses millions of microscopic ceramic particles to reject and redirect solar waves instead of merely absorbing them with dyes as older tints did. That means it will never discolor or fade and it won’t lose its performance capabilities over time. Ceramic window film for cars also doesn’t reduce the clarity of the view out through the windows, so you can enjoy a cooler, better protected Tesla Model X out of which you will still be able to see with ease.

Best Tint for Tesla Model X

Forumla One Stratos window tint is one of the best window tint for Tesla Model X cars because it is a durable, capable window film that will maintain its looks and performance for many years, matching the longevity of these superlative electric automobiles. This nano-ceramic tint is a great choice for electric cars with lots of high-tech innovations and hardware because it reduces drain on batteries thanks to reduced need for AC usage and because ceramic tint does not interfere with signals of any sort. Your phone, GPS, Bluetooth, and other devices and built-in systems will work as well as ever after installation of Formula One Stratos tint on your Tesla Model X.