A car like this stunning Lamborghini Huracan deserves the very best window tint in the market to complement its peerless looks, to protect its artful interior, and to maximize the performance of this amazingly capable sports car.

But you know what other car deserves the best window film? Yours. We use Formula One tint in Orlando for cars of all types, whether the vehicle is a supercar capable of a 2.5 second zero to sixty and a maximum known speed of 212 miles per hour (those are the stats of this 600-plus horsepower Huracan) or is simply your trusted family vehicle. Llumar Formula One Stratos ceramic window tint rejects solar energy and sun damage, adds privacy ad style, and won’t interfere with electronics of any type, making it a great choice for car window tint in Orlando.

And in Orlando window tint like Stratos ceramic film is a must have if you care about your car; the powerful Florida sun will wreak havoc on any car without great window tint.

Formula One Tint in Orlando
F1 Stratos window tint installed on this Lamborghini Huracan. F1 Stratos Tint in Orlando

Choosing the Best Window Tint in Orlando, FL

For this Lamborghini Huracan F1 Stratos window tint turned out to be the best option. The driver loved the darker shades of Stratos ceramic tint for the privacy it added to the glass and for the contrast of the dark F1 tint against the white body of the Huracan. But when considering the best window tint in Orlando for you car, you may opt for something quite different.

There are six different shades of Stratos tint available that range from 15% VLT all the way to 70% VLT. VLT is short for visible light transmission, and the lower the number, the less visible light passes through the tint and the darker it looks and the more privacy it creates. Stratos tint with a much higher VLT can offer the benefits of window tint without changing the look of the car’s windows in any noticeable way.

So what’s Orlando’s best window tint option? It’s whichever window film you prefer.

F1 Stratos Tint Orlando Florida
F1 Stratos Tint Orlando Florida

The Benefits of Car Window Tint in Orlando

Many people think window tint for cars is all about privacy. For limousines and livery town cars, that might be the most important factor, but for just about every other vehicle on the road, increased privacy is really more of a fringe benefit on top of all other great things car window film offers.

In Orlando car window tint is all about the sun. Or the rejection of the sun’s light, to be more specific. Formula One Stratos tint has peerless infrared absorption and rejection properties that help it block as much as 63% of the solar heat that would otherwise warm up the interior of your car. That means a vehicle that isn’t sweltering inside when it’s parked in the sun and it means a cooler, more comfortable drive on hot and sunny days. This helps protect the interior of the car and the property and people in the cabin and it can also save your fuel by reducing the need for AC usage, so window tint adds mileage and saves you money.

Stratos tints of all shade variations also block an impressive 99% of the sun’s UV light, so the interior of your car won’t fade and crack over time, losing its looks and its value. And whether you drive a Lamborghini Huracan or a slightly more commonplace car, truck, or SUV, everyone can agree that blocked UV light is a good thing.

Lamborghini Huracan Window Tint in Orlando
Lamborghini Huracan Window Tint in Orlando

Why We Tell People in Orlando About Stratos Window Tint

Llumar Formula One Stratos window tint is not only one of the best performing window films on the market, but it’s also one of the most durable window tints ever developed. When installed by a certified shop like ours, Llumar backs this tint with a lifetime guarantee. And that guarantee even transfers with the title of the car if you ever sell it. So not only will this tint help maintain the value of your car by protecting its interior, it will also add value to the vehicle if and when it comes time to sell.

The Wonders of Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

Early window tints were made using dyes that reduced the potency of sunlight and added some privacy, but they also reduced the clarity of the view out of a car’s windows and would discolor, fade, and bubble or crack over time.

Nano-ceramic window film truly is a space age material that was originally developed for use on aircraft and spacecraft facing the powerful solar radiation found at high altitudes or even beyond the atmosphere. Every sheet of F1 Stratos tint is infused with billions of nanoscopic ceramic particles that are inert to radio, cell, and satellite signals and that will never fade or displace, allowing the window tint to maintain its appearance and efficacy indefinitely.

Formula One Stratos Tint in Orlando by Window Tint Z.
Formula One Stratos Tint in Orlando by Window Tint Z.

Our Work Is Our Passion

At Window Tint Z, we take deep pride in the work we do tinting all sorts of different cars, trucks, SUVs, and even the occasional boat. We care so much about our work because we know our customers care so much about their vehicles. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your window tint installation or we’ll keep working with you until you are.

Formula One Tint in Orlando Florida
Lamborghini Huracan tinted with Formula One Stratos ceramic window tint in Orlando

The Cost of Window Tint in Orlando, FL

In Orlando window tint for car prices vary based on the exact type of window tint chosen and based on the make and model of the vehicle to be tinted. Some basic window tint jobs may cost as little as two to three hundred dollars, whereas a custom tint installation using top of the line tints like Stratos ceramic film may cost more than a thousand dollars.

Regardless of initial window tint costs, when your car’s window film protects the car from the damages of sunshine and helps it maintain its value while also adding privacy and style, it’s an investment that’s well worth the cost. You’ll appreciate your window film every day, and over the years it might just pay for itself in savings.

Stratos Ceramic Tint Orlando Florida
Stratos Ceramic Tint installed on a Lamborghini Hurican