It is easier than you might think to completely change the appearance of your car, truck, or SUV. A full color change car wrap can transform almost any vehicle by covering the exterior of the vehicle with a coating in the color and/or pattern of your choosing, and at less cost than a new paint job. Color change vehicle wrapping can transform an automobile into a dramatic, customized showpiece in just a matter of days and with only your own imagination as the limit to the striking new look of the car.

A color change car wrap consists of multiple sheets and strips of a uniquely fabricated vinyl that are custom cut and applied to a vehicle so that every surface of the exterior that would traditionally be covered by paint is instead surfaced in vinyl. The benefits of vinyl wrap vs. paint is that vinyl can be preprinted with any graphics, patterns, logos, or even photographic images you want, creating a true customized look for your vehicle. And of course the finished wrap job can also simply change the color of the car, achieving the same effect as a new paint job at a lower cost.

A full color change car wrap can be completed in two to three days in most circumstances, whereas a paint job usually takes a week or more. And unlike automotive paint, a vehicle wrap can be removed quite quickly if you ever want or need the vehicle to revert to its original painted state. Vinyl vehicle wrap will last for at least five years under most weather and driving conditions, and will protect the exterior of the vehicle underneath while in place.

Color change car wraps can achieve a much more interesting and attractive look than auto paint, which essentially offers only one finish: gloss. Vinyl auto wrap comes in finishes ranging from matte to faux carbon fiber to metallic to a high shine reflective appearance. The color stable vinyl can add almost any shade and hue of color to your car, and can also be finished in a unique pattern, such as camouflage or in a racing motif.

Vehicle vinyl wraps are seen all over the place; you probably see dozens of vehicles that have been coated with wraps every day but might not always realize it. Any car, truck, or bus that is emblazoned with advertisements or logos is almost surely using vehicle vinyl wrap, but the technique is hardly limited to use for commercial purposes. Vehicles with a striking metallic finish or with a matte exterior are likely also sporting color change car wrapping. It is a perfectly viable way to update and enhance your personal vehicle.

However, using color change wraps is also a great idea for a commercial enterprise; there is no better way to make a group of different vehicles look like a uniform fleet than by selecting a unique color and/or pattern and then coating all of the automobiles with the same type of wrap. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs can all be made to look like part of the same fleet when their exterior’s match one another.