Every year, more and more drivers are getting Ceramic Pro in Oviedo, Florida. Among the many reasons that people use Ceramic Pro in Florida are two primary motivations. First, Ceramic Pro protects the exterior of your car again all sorts of minor aesthetic damage, helping the vehicle look its best and retain value for years to come. Second, Ceramic Pro will have your car looking its very best the very same day the application is completed, creating a high gloss, crisp look that makes the car appear newer and helps it stay cleaner even in bad weather, on long drives, and even when dust, dirt, and road grime abound.

Ceramic Pro coatings are transparent and so thin they can hardly be detected by the naked eye, but they can be applied over every exterior surface of the vehicle. And in fact Ceramic Pro protects a car both outside and in: when layered over glass, Ceramic Pro blocks a large portion of the sun’s UV light, preventing interior fading of upholstery, dashboards, and hardware. Reduced UV light also keeps passengers safer from skin damage, making Ceramic Pro a wise idea for anyone who spends long hours in his or her car. And in sunny Oviedo, FL, even the casual commuter is going to be exposed to lots of sunshine

Protect your car both inside and out by coming to Window Tintz for a coating of Ceramic Pro. We work with private vehicle owners, companies that have fleets of town cars and limousines, or with commercial and industrial vehicle operators as well. We also offer Ceramic Pro application for boats and even for some types of aircraft.

Ceramic Pro Price In Oviedo FL

Window Tintz offers competitive pricing for Ceramic Pro applications, but what we don’t offer are fixed rates for Ceramic Pro costs. We treat every single one of our Oviedo Ceramic Pro customers like the individual they are, thus prices are always specific to the job at hand, varying based on the type of vehicle, its age and condition, the Ceramic Pro package chosen, and any special needs or requests the customer has. So while we don’t have a set cost of Ceramic Pro installation we can publish on our site, what we do have is a form that you can complete in just a minute or two that will allow us to get in touch with you and give you a price estimate that is tailored to suit your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro Gold Package Oviedo, FL

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package consists of five complete layers of Ceramic Pro products applied one at a time. The first four layers are the amazingly durable Ceramic Pro 9H, which forms an unbreakable molecular bond with the paint or vinyl wrap on the exterior of your car, truck, or SUV, protecting the vehicle against abrasion, sun damage, corrosion, water marks, and much more. When all four layers have set fast, this dense coating of Ceramic Pro 9H will last for as long as 30 years, effectively offering your car permanent enhanced protection against aesthetic damage. The final layer of the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, Oviedo Florida drivers’ most popular choice, is Ceramic Pro Light, a super hydrophobic formula that sheds water, resists dirt and grime, and leaves your car looking shiny and new. Once you have a four-layer Gold Package application of Ceramic Pro 9H, your car will only require occasional reapplication of the top layer of Ceramic Pro Light to remain in crisp, clean, and new-looking conditions indefinitely.

Oviedo Florida Ceramic Pro 9H from Window Tintz

 Ceramic Pro 9H is the vehicle coating product Window Tintz employees recommend to the majority of our customers, and it’s also the one we choose for most of our own vehicles. Ceramic Pro 9H gets its name thanks to its superlative scratch resistance; the “9H” refers to the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a qualitative scale developed to measure the hardness of various gems and minerals based on their scratch resistance. Diamonds are at the top, with a Mohs Hardness rating of 10. Something with a 9H rating is, therefore, pretty tough stuff. In Oviedo, FL Ceramic Pro 9H can help protect your car from scratches caused by vegetation, car doors, bouncing asphalt bits or windblown debris. This impressive coating will also keep the car safe from stains or discoloration caused by chemical spills, it will prevent UV light from fading or discoloring auto paint or vinyl wraps, and it will protect the vehicle against oxidation and rust, extreme heat, and myriad environmental factors, like salty air, humidity, and more. And when Ceramic Pro 9H is applied by the vehicle coating experts from Window Tintz, it will last for the lifespan of the car.

Window Tintz Paint Correction In Oviedo FL

Paint correction is the process of restoring the damaged areas of your vehicle’s paint job. This means removing swirls, buffing out hard water marks and stains left by salt, bird droppings, sap, and other substances. It involves refreshing the paint in areas where the vehicle has been discolored by extended exposure to sunshine, humidity, and other environmental factors. And more than anything else, vehicle paint correction means ensuring that a car looks not just clean, but that its exterior looks uniform, just the way it did when it was brand new from the sales lot.

But where Window Tintz differs from other paint correction service shops is that our customers follow the paint correction process with an application of Ceramic Pro coating, which ensures that the car will never need another paint correction job, no less an entire new coat of auto paint. We also offer vehicle vinyl wrap restoration and window film repair and replacement, and both color wraps and vehicle window tinting are also protected by Ceramic Pro products.