Beverly Hills

It would be silly to pretend that looks don’t matter, especially in a town like Beverly Hills, CA. From the gorgeous homes to the beautiful people to the stunning cars rolling down storied streets like Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills is home to lots of things that look might good. If you want your car to be one of them, it doesn’t matter if it’s a $200,000 luxury sports car or a second hand sedan that you use for commuting, nor for cruising: when you use vinyl color wrap Beverly Hills roads will feel just like home.

Color wrap comes in dozens of different colors and in patterns ranging from camouflage to checkered to animal print and more, and it is available in finishes ranging from matte to brushed to carbon fiber to satin. But the finish and color combination that might well suit your vehicle best in Beverly Hills is high gloss metallic vehicle vinyl wrap. With this type of flashy color wrap on your car, truck, or SUV, the vehicle will turn heads as it cruises along the among the other high rollers plying the streets of the 90210 zip code (and the rest of the 90209 through 90213, for the record).


Creating a metallic exterior for your car is not the way to be subtle and demure; it is the way to attract maximum attention to your ride. Once you’re sure you want to stand out as you drive through Beverly Hills, or as you pass into West Hollywood, Century City, Brentwood, or all the other cities and neighborhoods beyond, the question isn’t whether or not vinyl color wrap is the right way to do it, it’s simply which metal you want your car to look like.

The first step in finding the right color wrap in Beverly Hills means choosing between gold, silver, copper, or brass colored vinyl film. Within each of these (and other) metal colors, there are many choices. There are bright, reflective chrome-style silver colors and there are gray aluminum shades; there is shiny yellow gold or deeper honey shades. Selecting the right color is important, but arguably choosing the right finish for the exterior is even more important. You can select a brushed gold, a polished shiny gold, or even a faux carbon fiber gold look for your car using vinyl film. (The same is also true of course when you choose silver, copper, or other metallic films.)

Any exterior color will be dramatically effected by the finish, but any finish you choose will look great. Far from being a cheap alternative to auto paint, color wrap film is an alternative that offers more opportunities for customization and that protects your car against minor cosmetic damage all while looking great whether seen from across the street or during an up close inspection. Vinyl car wrap is often less expensive than car paint, though, which is just one more reason it’s an attractive option whether you drive around Beverly Hills or anywhere else in Southern California.