Window Tint Z recently completed this 100% custom window treatment for one of our corporate clients, and the results are an interior workspace that looks better than ever and performs better, too. The client was concerned that the glass walls and doors of their main conference space made the interior of the room too overtly visible to people outside of the room, and that the transparent glass allowed for easy distraction of those taking place in meetings and presentations within the room as well.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

The solution was a frosted privacy window film that obscured the view into the room and out through the glass walls, but a frosted film with a gradient that lessened to transparency  near the floor and ceiling, thus preserving the sleek, stylish look a glass wall provides.

Gradient Privacy Film for Conference Room
Dot Gradient Privacy Film for a Conference Room

Dot Gradient Privacy Tint

We custom printed this dot gradient privacy film for the conference room in exact compliance with the client’s specifications for dot density and size, thus creating just the right amount of privacy in the standard eyeliner range of people both seated or standing. We made sure that the height of the gradient above and below the privacy frost band allowed for a steady fade from full privacy frost tint to clear glass. This was for aesthetic and functional purposes, as graded privacy films allow in maximum light and also allow some visibility, such as of feet approaching the space.

Gradient Frosted Window Film
Gradient Frosted Window Film

Custom Gradient Privacy Window Tint for Offices

Gradient privacy window tint for offices is becoming more and more common as more and more workspaces that were originally designed with a wide open layout revert to a slightly more compartmentalized orientation. Open workspaces are wonderful for certain types of collaboration, but private space is also important for high-level meetings, for working on proprietary projects, and often for legal purposes, too. Adding frosted privacy window film to glass walls lets an office, conference room, or other space enjoy enhanced privacy without the need to replace any actual walls and without the loss of the energizing bright light that fills the offices.

Custom Dot Gradient Privacy Frost
Custom Dot Gradient Privacy Frost

If you are interested in gradient window tint for office use, contact Window Tint Z today. We are happy to handle all aspects of your corporate or commercial window film needs, including helping you select the exact right colors, shading, and gradient of window tint, printing the window film in our shop, and then applying it on site.