Recently got a new car and thinking “where can I get windows tint near me?” You must first understand that there are different types of window tint in Los Angeles CA based on your location, style, color and even shade. The material to be used also differs which can also affect the tint’s cost.

Car window tints are measured in visible light transmission levels (VLT). These are shown in percentage levels and indicate how much visible light will pass through your vehicle’s window film. The allowed VLT varies between states. So before you look for the nearest vehicle glass tinting around Los Angeles CA, know the allowed VLT in your area. Don’t just ask “how much is limo tint in Los Angeles CA ” without even knowing what a limo tint is.

Learning about the six main types of window tint film and getting the right VLT in your area serve as a guide to choose from the results of your “tint near me” online search.

Dyed Window Tint Film

This type blocks unwanted glare from other cars but doesn’t do much to block out heat. It prevents five to 50% of light to enter the vehicle. This type produces a non-reflective and dark effect and is also the lowest window tint near Los Angeles CA.

Metalized Window Tint Film

This type of vehicle tint blocks out 60%-90% of light while the metal particles will make your windows very shiny. However, this type of film often causes interference with signals from mobile phones and radio. This is also more expensive than dyed films because of the metal content.

Hybrid Window Tint Film

This type blocks out everything except about 5%-50% of the light. With its less metal content, this type of tint film results in less interference with signals. Also, the cost is in between that of dyed and metallic tint films.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

This type can block up to 99% of UV rays and up to 50% of infrared waves. With its quality, this type of tint film is the most expensive choice when looking for an auto glass tinting near Los Angeles CA.

Carbon Window Tint Film

This type of tint film also acts as an energy-saver as it reduces the use of cooling agents to help beat summer as well as heating agents to help during winter.

Crystalline Window Tint Film

Crystalline window tint film is the best option to take if you want a tint without making your vehicle dark.

Before you choose where to get the best window tinting material near Los Angeles CA to get your vehicle fixed, it’s vital to consider the aspects of your windows. Whatever the personal taste of the owner may be, understanding the basics can help choose the most suited “tint near me shop.”