When it comes to UV protection we often focus solely on our vehicles and forget to consider other areas the sun may be sneaking it. Even within the confines of your home ultra violet rays can bombard you, damaging your skin and your home interior.

You might think blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays would require sacrificing sunlight, but you’d be wrong. Thanks to advances in technology it is possible to block out more than 99% of all UV rays utilizing LLumar’s completely transparent micro film. You get world-class protection that’s invisible to visitors.

Preserve the colors in your fabrics and carpet, keep hardwood floors from fading, and protect art from sun damage, all while defending your skin from harmful rays. UV exposure can lead to premature aging, increased risk of skin cancer, and damage to your vision.

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, according to the American Cancer Institute. Early preventative measures can help keep your family safe from these harmful rays all day round.

LLumar window films have been recommended by dermatologists for their skin care protection, and carry the Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation for products that protect against skin cancers.

Keep your property and family safer from the sun. Give us a call at (424)-732-9080 to discuss installing a UV protective film on your home windows.