For this contemporary Santa Monica home we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 50 film. This film provides the following benefits:

  1. Visible Light Transmission: 48%
  2. Visible Light Reflectance: 11%
  3. Infrared Rejection: 68%
  4. UV Light Rejection: 99%
  5. Total Solar Energy Rejected: 44%
  6. Glare Reduction: 47%

Installing this film allowed the homeowner to reduce the amount of heat entering the home and block UV rays while keeping the natural view when looking out the windows.

ceramic huper optik
Ceramic 50 window film installed in modern Santa Monica home
residential window tinting santa monica
Natural view when looking out of windows
anti glare window tint non reflective residential
Reduce glare in your home with window tint
heat blocking residential window film
Window film reduces the amount of heat entering your home
ceramic window tint home
Ceramic 50 film installed to block heat and UV rays