Kingwood locals are no stranger to heat. If you’re like most, you’re fully familiar with the experience of returning to a house that’s internal temperature is even hotter than the unbearable outside temperature, or sitting on the couch suffering beneath permeating hotspots that cause temperature fluctuations. A tint may be the answer to your hot home woes!

A top grade home tint will reduce heat and heat-related costs by barring solar energy and also acting as an insulant to trap wanted heat in cooler months. This means that you can prevent heat from the sun from compromising your cooling efforts, thus lowering your energy bill each month.

The tint also blocks out harmful infrared and UV-rays, and will protect you and your interior from the damaging effects of unfiltered sunlight. This will slow the rate of fading of your home furnishings, protect electronics, and keep you and your family safe from cancer-causing rays.

Depending on which tint intensity you choose, you can increase privacy by darkening the facade from the exterior without sacrificing interior brightness, providing less visibility to outsiders and giving you added comfort and security.

A home tint will even add additional reinforcement – strengthening windows to prevent them from shattering. This extra layer of durability will protect you in the event of extreme weather conditions as well as vandalism or theft attempts.

To learn more about home tinting in Kingwood, Texas, contact WindowTintz today! We are experts on a wide breadth of tint types, brands, and applications, and are equipped to tackle any tinting task on your to-do list!