Hollywood is one of the most famous neighborhoods on the planet. People from all over the world can picture the iconic Hollywood sign up in the mountains and know about the star-covered walk of fame lining the streets of this storied town. Hollywood is one of the busiest areas of Los Angeles, being packed with tens of thousands of visitors every day of the year, with most of those days bright and sunny and perfect for tourism. People who live in Hollywood get to enjoy one of the most vibrant, unique communities in Southern California, but living in this bustling, diverse area can also bring its share of problems.

Because of the transient nature of so many people in Hollywood, be they a tourist coming through for a few hours or a person wandering through the town for a few days, the occurrence of property crime is higher in Hollywood than in many other neighborhoods of Los Angeles. It’s important that you protect your home in Hollywood with window film that can prevent a thief from gaining access to your residence by breaking apart the windows. Don’t wait to apply window film to your home until after the first theft incident; plan ahead and protect your home and your family proactively.

Breaking and entering followed by theft occurs every day in and around Hollywood, and you don’t want your home to be the next property that gets burglarized. Security window tint can stop that from happening in two ways: first, it blocks the view into a home and thereby reduces the chance for a criminal to look into the house and see valuables and items they might want to steal. Second, it physically reinforces the glass of the windowpanes, rendering them almost impossible to break into pieces. The tensile strength of security widow film and the potent adhesive that keeps it in place will hold your windows together even if they are cracked, preventing a burglar from clearing the broken glass from the frame and entering the home.

Hollywood home window tint protects your property in another way, too: it prevents the sun’s ultraviolet light from fading the interior of the residence, stopping wood floors or carpets from looking prematurely worn out and keeping linens, upholstery, and decor items looking newer and more attractive. Window tint helps prevent theft and keeps your valuables in their best shape, then: that’s a win-win situation.