As Houston has 204 sunny days a year and a July average high of 93.3 degrees, it should come at no surprise that conventional windows aren’t quite doing the trick to keep your home comfortable and cool. With a simple application of a top tier tint option, you’ll achieve a variety of performance specs to improve and enhance your home.

Comfortability is paramount in the home space, so why not invest in a product that will adhere to  that essential requirement? Tinting your home will dramatically reduce the heat from sunlight from entering and building up heat in your home. This will create a better internal climate as well as reduce cooling and heating costs. A high end tint will not only keep heat out, but will also help insulate heat during the colder months

The increased privacy that comes with a home window tint will also promote a comfortable atmosphere. The film can obscure the vision of the on the outside, which is particularly advantageous for those in high traffic areas of Houston. Tints come in a variety of thicknesses and intensities, so you can choose the level of darkness and reflectivity that suits you best.

The comfortability of a home window tint also ventures into the territory of safety. By blocking out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, you’ll be protected from harmful, cancer-causing sunlight without compromising the brightness of your interior. You’ll also have additional safety due to the durability of the film. The tint will strengthen and reinforce your windows, protecting you from exterior elements such as weather or theft attempts. The windows are almost shatter-proof with the right tint, and even when broken will stay in once place instead of breaking off into jagged pieces.

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