Houston locals are no stranger to heat. If you’re like most locals, you’re fully familiar with the experience of returning to a house that’s internal temperature is even hotter than the unbearable outside temperature.

If you’ve suffered this problem or have been filtering an absurd amount into your heating and cooling bills, you may want to consider tinting your residential windows with a high grade film. While the initial investment may be intimidating for some, the return on that investment is certain, and backed by warranties from the top tint suppliers.

To heighten the comfortability in your home, block out the sunlight and solar energy with a tint application. The tint will dramatically reduce heat build-up in your house, but also has impressive insulation properties to keep the heat in during cooler months. These performance specs will save you on heating and cooling bills, already setting you up to sustain a worthy return on your investment.

An invaluable element to home comfort is privacy. While your tint can be applied in a range of thicknesses and shades, you can achieve a tint which has the reflectivity to keep those outside from seeing into your home, but without sacrificing the brightness and sunlight in your interior. This added privacy is especially advantageous for those living in high traffic areas in Houston.

Barring out heat also means blocking harmful UV and infrared rays – rays that can cause cancer and also fade or alter the interior of your home. The best grade tints can block up to 99.9% of these harmful UV rays, in addition to a range of other solar rays that can be damaging.

So what are you waiting for? Consult with us today to see how tinting can dramatically transform your window performance and make for a more comfortable home space.