Did you know that the typical household wastes approximately half of their home’s utility bills on expenses resulting from loss of heat or heat gain through untreated, poorly insulated windows? If you have un-tinted windows, you too are probably spending an obscene amount of your budget on energy bills. With a Vista residential tint application, you can cut cooling and heating costs by up to 50% by improving energy efficiency of your windows.

Vista residential tints offer a solution that is budget friendly, simple, and non-invasive. Instead of replacing windows, apply a high-end tint like the Vista line of commercial films to dramatically improve performance and reduce unnecessary spending.

Because a high grade tint like Vista blocks out 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, they block out up to 75% of total solar energy. This blockage has a major impact on reducing the amount of heat that gets trapped in your home, and also has insulation properties to trap heat in during cooler months. Slash those energy bills!

In addition to saving you on heating and cooling costs, your window tint will serve as a barrier between the sun’s harmful rays and the interior of your home. This will provide protection for your furnishings, belongings, electronics, artwork and fabrics, preventing the rapid fading and degradation which comes with excessive exposure to sunlight. In this way, a tint application will preserve the integrity of your home and your investment items.

Your tint will also provide an additional layer of reinforcement to protect against breaking or shattering in the event of a theft attempt, vandalism, or inclement weather, reducing risk for need to replace or lessening the amount of damage caused from incident. Because they are harder to break with their added layer of strength, you will decrease the risk of needing to replace a pane.

Your investment in residential tinting technology is sure to see a return and to make your home more comfortable and inviting for years to come! Contact the Window Tintz team to learn more about how tinting technology can save you on your bills and protect your investments.