Whether you are a customer or a business owner looking for a car wrap in Longwood, the question of using a custom car decal as a means for car advertising versus merely having your car painted always pops up. To answer this question, let us start by defining car paint and car wrap prices.

A paint job would generally cost from $3,000 to $10,000, or more depending on the quality of the paint and the size of the car. On the other hand, a vehicle wrap would start at $300.This types of vinyl car decals would be partial wraps for your car accents, chrome trim blackouts, hoods, and roofs.

With this information, you can tell that car wrapping is way cheaper compared to car painting. However, what about the quality? Is the affordability of truck decals and truck wraps worth exchanging it for car painting services?

Know the Difference Between Car Signs and Car Painting

We have talked about how car painting is relatively more expensive than custom car decals. However, if you are worried about the quality of a car wrap design, don’t be. Car wrapping poses a range of benefits that are not provided by car painting. Cheaper paint may look good during the first few months or years; however, it is not considered a good long-term investment.

The ability to maintain the manufacturer’s original paint will keep the resale value intact. As compared to car paint, its value will decrease over time resulting in lower resale value. If you plan to create a company logo using bright and bold colors, be sure that if you resell that car, you have to find customers of the same taste. This is typically difficult to do because customers like to look for vehicles that have the original paint intact.

Furthermore, a car wrap has more options that are flexible even after you have used it for advertising purposes. If you search “vinyl wraps near me” or “vehicle wraps near me” on your search engine, you will find an endless supply of car wraps that will fulfill your car fantasies.

When it comes to wrapping advertising, your design needs to stand out. With a car wrap in Longwood, you will be able to do this while turning the aesthetic of your car into something that suits your company’s personality.

Know the Difference between Cast and Calendered Vinyl

Now that we have genuinely identified the potential of car wraps in Longwood, let’s proceed to differentiate cast and calendered vinyl. Starting with cast films, these are considered as the industry’s premium. These films begin in a liquid state with various ingredients that are blended and laid out on a casting sheet. A thin gauge film with a thickness of 1 to 2 millimeters is then produced. Cast films are most commonly used on complex surfaces that expect a smooth finished look –cars and trucks, as such.

On the other hand, calendered films are often referred to as intermediate films. These are also known as short-term films that start with a molten mixture which is extruded through a die. This type of film is named calendered because it is fed through a series of calendering rolls.

The act of stretching and rolling the film will result to a gauge film that measures 3 to 4 millimeters in thickness, which is a lot thicker as compared to a cast film. Calendered films have some internal memory that results in a film that has fewer dimensions. It is less conformable, which could pose struggles when applying it as a car wrap design.

Calendered films are pretty cheap as compared to cast films. These films are somewhat scratch resistant. Films that have undergone calendered rolls are typically sturdier which is easier to handle as compared to cast films.

Regarding usability, calendered films are perfect for flat surfaces with no irregularities.

Go for a Minimalistic Design of Vehicle Wraps

Minimalistic designs are far more effective compared to filling your car wrap with nonsensical details that your viewer will not remember. The first thing you have to consider is the readability of your car sign. Your brand message should be incorporated at the core of the design.

Furthermore, it has to be short, but catchy. It has to leave a lasting effect that will not only invoke the right emotion from your viewers but will also motivate them to purchase your goods and services.

Car wrap is mostly seen on a moving vehicle. Even if your potential customers are to look at your car wrap design in a parking lot, there is a high chance that they will quickly forget it. The design process in car wrapping is the most critical step of all. Be sure that you can deliver your message accurately and effectively.

The minimalistic design helps with providing your brand message effectively. While there are those that use various elements in car wrap designs, it tends to become too overwhelming for viewers that it will either discourage them to read through all of it or it will confuse them even more.

It is important to remember that your car wrap design is part of your company services cape. It represents who you are as a company. Having a disorganized car wrap entails terrible business. A simple message would suffice, together with your contact details or a promo code that will motivate your viewers to act.

Do you include photos? If you would search “car wraps near me,” several graphic designers would give different answers. While photos can capture the attention of most viewers, what is most important is motivating them to act. If a picture can do that without confusing your viewer, it is better; however, sticking to a simple catch phrase is good enough as long as it can turn viewers into potential customers.

The bottomline is that when you are choosing the right car wrap in Longwood for your business, you always have to go back to your company objectives and the goal you intend to achieve through using this marketing medium.

As a business owner, you should be responsible of taking care of the money that is put into advertising campaigns. Knowing what to look for is the essential part of avoiding unnecessary costs.