Deciding to care about car paint protection is a very wise choice since with smaller surface area; it leaves such evident chipping if not cared for properly. Choosing to get a car paint protection film would further the lifespan of your car whilst offering countless benefits in protecting your ride while on the road. One innovation shows that plenty of drivers are now running toward the DIY car paint protection film kits, allowing more freedom for them to modify their bikes.

To help you with this, we have summarized a simple guide on how to install your very own car clear bra in Longwood, Florida. This is a quick and easy five-step-process that would get you back on the road worry-free from any dangers your adventures could ever bring.

Step 1: Prepare All the Necessary Materials and Cleaning Solutions

Now, to avoid looking up where to buy clear bra again, preparation is key. To erase the chances of losing or forgetting any of the materials you would need, it is in your best interest that you prepare all of them beforehand – all easy to reach from an arm’s distance. You will be needing your:

  • Rubber squeegee;
  • Car paint protection film kit roll or cut out;
  • A spray bottle with the cleaning solution;
  • 2 microfiber towels; and
  • A pair of scissors (optional – it depends if rolls or cut-outs are given).

All of these equipment would all play a vital role in ensuring that the installation of your clear bra for the car will go smooth. As for the cleaning solution, you would be mixing water with 25% isopropyl alcohol or whatever the clear bra’s instructions are regarding the DIY installation.

Step 2: Clean the Area You’re Planning to Install the Clear Bra

Whether it is a 3m paint protection film for cars or a clear bra that offers self-healing technology, the first step to ensure proper installation is to clean the area where the films would be installed. This would ensure that no waxy residue, trapped moisture, or any debris would get stuck underneath the clear bra you will be applying.

You wouldn’t want to pay the clear bra paint protection price twice, so be thorough. This would also keep and maintain your car clean, shiny, and have slick look from the outside once the clear bra is on for a good amount of time.

Spray on the cleaning solution and with broad circular strokes; make sure that you get a good clean on the area, ensuring nothing is left on it and considered 100 percent clean. When considering where to wipe, it is advised that you clean beyond where you decide to place the clear bra as this would provide leverage during the final decision phase to place it. When done, wipe it dry and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Modify Your Clear Bra Film to Match the Desired Area

How to Install Your Own Car Clear Bra in Longwood, Florida

This step works mostly for those who have rolls of DIY clear bra for cars and not so much for those who had opted for exact cut outs for their model and brand. However, with the number of clear bras in Longwood, Florida, we cannot say for sure that you’ll be getting the exact measurements.

You might see an inch off or you’d just want to customise a bit. If that is the case, then in this step, we now take out the pair of scissors we had prepared beforehand.

With the car clear bra film, you should stretch out a good enough portion that you think would fit the area you wish to be covered and protected. It is best that you go beyond substantial in any case that your estimations serve to be wrong or a tad bit off.

Being safe and cautious is the way to go, so expecting the worst is always good. Cut out the area of which you want to place it on and set the clear bra car aside for the next step.

Step 4: Spray Area and Back of Clear Bra Wet, Then Apply

Once again, with the use of your cleaning solution, spray the area that you wish the car paint protection film kit to be placed on. Now, easily peel off the protective sheet from the back of the clear bra film and spray the solution once again on the back of the film.

 In doing so, you are allowing the solution to help the adhesive stick better to the surface you will be placing it on, keeping it strong and firm for the duration of its use.

When applying it and not getting it right the first try, be gentle and sensitive and don’t be afraid to realign the film to make sure it fits right and snugly on to the surface you wish it to be on. Just remember not to play since this could be a failsafe because constant removing and placing once more would weaken the adhesive. As a result, you would have a hard time pressing it on. So, be cautious and careful when applying the film to get it right the first time around.

Step 5: Using Your Squeegee, Work It Into the Area, Then Wipe Dry

How to Install Your Own Car Clear Bra in Longwood, Florida

Now, with the clear bra on, get your squeegee and begin working into the film and ensuring it is placed tightly onto the surface of your car with no creases or wrinkles. You may stretch out the film outward to cover as much ground as possible and to let the adhesive work best as it attaches to the surface.

Alongside this, begin to use the rubber squeegee from the center-out to ensure that you get every part possible and preventing any spots from appearing inward. This would also give the best clean look and most natural one when using this method.

As always, remember to be gentle and watch out for possibilities of tearing or moisture that could build up. Once done, use the other microfiber towel once more to wipe it dry and remove any traces of the solution on the surface. This will also remove any debris that could have built up while you were working away with your squeegee.

Be smart and always remember to check with what experts and the manufacturers have to say when it comes to DIY clear bra films to make the most of the auto clear bra cost. Whether the one you have is a 3m clear protective film for cars or a UV protection film, it is advised that you need to be cautious when installing.

In connection with that, do not forget to follow these five simple steps the next time you install your own car clear bra in Longwood, Florida. Keep safe and stay awesome while on the road.