Huper Optik automotive window film costs vary from job to job based on the type of car or truck being serviced, the type of window tint a customer chooses, and the type and number of windows being updated. A full window film installation, including front and rear windshields and all windows, is going to be more expensive than simply darkening the rear passenger windows of a car, for example.

What all Window Tintz customers agree on, however, is that Huper Optik window film is always worth it, for this is simply the best brand of vehicle window film around.

A Huper Optik car tint price is going to exceed the quote you will get when considering many other brands of automotive window film, there is no reason to deny that fact. The peerless quality of Huper Optik vehicle window tint is also undeniable, however, and most people who care about their cars are happy to make the investment in the industry’s leading window film.

Keeping in mind that almost no two window tint projects will have the exact same cost estimate, many of our customers are interested in knowing approximately how much car window tint costs. The best answer we can give is a range, which for most standard sized cars (four door sedans, e.g., be they sports car, luxury vehicle, or other) will usually fall between $500 and $700 for a five window tinting. (That refers to the rear windshield and all side windows, front windshields being illegal to tint in some areas and/or simply not the preference of some drivers). For a window tint installation including the front windshield, the price may only increase by a hundred dollars or so when part of a larger tinting job.

For front windshield tinting alone, such as some drivers want for reduced glare and a reduction in interior solar heat, window film with installation will usually cost less than $200.