In its distinctive Nano-Ceramic Series, window film manufacturer Huper Optik delivers a strong selection of films designed to focus on durability – including the Huper Optik ceramic 50 line. The Ceramic 50 window film is part of the company’s “Smart Coating” films, a wide range of high-quality window film offerings. Of the four Smart Coating films, the Huper Optik ceramic 50 is a consistent performer, meaning it rates well in a number of protection-related categories yet at the top of any single one. It’s the kind of window film you would select if you want a broad range of benefits.

Huper Optik Smart Coating Films Aim for Durability

The company’s marketing angle for the line including the Huper Optik ceramic 50 product is sturdiness. “Ceramics are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea,” states the Smart Coating page on the Huper Optik website. The company notes that its ceramic films are completely metal-free and dye-free. This is of interest because many window films of the past were metallized, meaning they included a very thin layer of metal to help reduce heat and deflect the sun’s powerful rays including the cancer-causing ultraviolet rays (UV rays). The problem was they would demetallize and sometimes fade. The Huper Optik ceramic 50 will do neither – and provides significant solar protection at the same time.

The Nitty-Gritty about the Huper Optik ceramic 50 Window Film

The “50” in the Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film product name refers to how it performs in visible light transmission, or VLT. The Ceramic 50 rates at 52 percent VLT, referring to the amount of light the window film will allow to pass through to the interior of your home, car or commercial structure. The 50 film line also provides notable visible light reflectance – knocking rays off glass and right back at the sun – at 12 percent VLR. The Ceramic 50 window film blocks nearly all UV rays, and at 69 percent infra-red rejection offers a fine level of protection for your properties.

Why the ‘Ceramic’ in the Huper Optik ceramic 50?

The Ceramic 50 film is of course one of many ceramic window films offered by Huper Optik, a company known for producing only the highest of quality films. Why ceramic? Ceramic films can absorb an estimated twice as much heat as the old dyed or hybrid window films. Ceramic films are known for application of technological advances, and Huper Optik is no stranger to engaging nano-technology and other modern advances in its window film offerings. The Huper Optik ceramic window films are known for their lasting ability, and their stylish look on cars. Part of the allure of quality window film is to enhance the exterior appearance of vehicles. The Huper Optik ceramic 50 film adds style along with protection.

Final Words on the Huper Optik ceramic 50 Window Film

The Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film is a fine choice for car and home owners who want protection yet still let some sunlight into interiors. The sun is a powerful force – and a two-edged sword. It provides life and gives us nice tans, yet too much exposure can mean significant damages to both humans and items inside your property like carpets and upholstery. The aim of the Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film is durability, of course, but the product line also packs significant punch in the protection department. For more information about the Huper Optik ceramic 50 window film please contact our experienced professionals who will be happy to assist.