The Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film is part of the company’s Clear Ceramic series of films that provide significant protection from the sun’s rays – without the tint typical of other window film options. This series of window films, by a company noted for quality, shoots for superb visibility and optical clarity. Huper Optik used its nano-deposition technology to produce a window film that performs strongly in terms of solar control, while at the same time letting more light pass through into the interiors of our homes, cars and business offices. The Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film rejects more infra-red energy than window films in its class.

Let in the Good Sunshine While Blocking the Bad

Clear Ceramic series window films like the Huper Optik ceramic 70 provide excellent rejection rates for heat and ultraviolet rays (UV rays), while still maintaining an estimated 71 percent visible light transmission. That is, the Ceramic 70 lets about 71 percent of light to pass through the glass. Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film also performs very well in infra-red rejection (at 91 percent, tops in Huper Optik’s Clear Ceramic class), and in total solar energy rejected at 49 percent (also the best among the 3 films in the class). All of the Clear Ceramic window films reject more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays).

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films Built to Last

The Huper Optik ceramic 70 film is in a broader category of the company’s window films known as Smart Coatings. Huper Optik is up front on the benefits of ceramic window films on the company website: “Ceramics are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea,” states the Smart Coating page on the company website. While inferior window tint films fade, discolor, crack or peel over just a few years, the Huper Optik ceramic films including the Huper Optik ceramic 70 have proven to be durable.

Ceramic Window Films: Durable, Stylish

The Huper Optic ceramic 70 film is among many ceramic window films offered by the company that is known for delivering high-quality films. The company has focused considerable energy into ceramic films, which absorb heat at an estimated twice the rate of dyed or hybrid window films. Ceramic films are known for application of technological advances, and Huper Optik has engaged nano-technology and other advances in its window films. The Huper Optik ceramic window films are known for durability, and their stylish look on cars. The Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film offers protection, sure, but also a touch of style to your car, home or office.

Final Words on the Huper Optik ceramic 70 Window Film

The Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film is offered by the Germany-originated, high-quality window film producer as yet another choice for the often fussy owners of homes, cars or commercial buildings. Sure they all want shading and protection from the harmful effects of the sun, but not a total blackout. As with the other window films in the class, the main objective of the Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film is to last, long-term. However this product line also does plenty for protection. For more information about the Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film please contact our experienced professionals who will be happy to assist.