Though first developed in the late 1990s, Huper Optik Ceramic auto tint remains at the cutting edge of window film technology today. That’s true for two reasons. First, Huper Optik never ceases to refine and improve their products. Second, Huper Optik Ceramic window film represented an truly revolutionary breakthrough when it was first developed, changing the paradigm of window tint treatments permanently.

What sets Huper Optic Ceramic window film apart from the competition is the use of nano-ceramic technology to achieve the same effects other brands strive for by using inferior dye-based and metallic window film. The fact that Huper Optik Ceramic window tint is dye-free and metal-free means that it will never fade, discolor, or lose its effectiveness even many years after the tint is installed on a vehicle.

Nano-cermaramic window tint adds the privacy drivers and passengers want, preventing people from seeing into a vehicle’s interior while also cutting the harsh glare of sunshine and oncoming headlights. It does not reduce the clarity or color fidelity of those within the vehicle looking at the outside world, however. And while Huper Optik Ceramic film adds a refined, shaded appearance to your car, truck, or SUV, it does so without creating the overly dark or high-shine look of most cheaper dye-based widow tints.

But perhaps Huper Optik Ceramic tint is most prized for its heat-reducing qualities. This window film rejects a great amount of the sun’s solar energy, bouncing warming infrared solar rays back off of your car and preventing the interior temperature from climbing even on hot, sun-baked days. This adds to your comfort and saves energy and fuel by reducing the need for air conditioning usage.