While Huper Optik brand offers a wide array of viable tinting products, perhaps the most renown is their unique Ceramic Series. The unique, multi-layered ceramic film was designed using an advanced Spectrally Selective technology, and became the first and only patented Nano-ceramic window film available in 1998. Through this technology, Huper Optik launched a line of some of the most advanced, high-performance coatings on the market.

With a variety of tiers of strength, the level of Huper Optik Ceramic tinting you choose for your automobile may well depend on a number of factors – including the amount of solar protection you desire, the aesthetic you prefer for your vehicle, as well as the legality of certain strengths of tinting depending on your municipality.

Check out the specs below to see which level of strength satiates your tinting requirements. Keep in mind that higher levels of solar rejection and blockage of UV and infrared rays results in maintenance of a more comfortable interior temperature, prevents exposure to the driver and the interior of the vehicle from the harmful, damaging effects of sunlight, and will improve driver optics at varying degrees.

VLT – Visible Light Transmission
IR Rej – Infrared Rejection
VLR – Visible Light Reflection
UV Rej – Ultraviolet Rejection
SC – Shading Coefficient
TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejected
SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Glare Red – Glare Reduction

If you’re interested to learn more about the specifications of the Ceramic Series and the varying levels of intensity, come into WindowTintz for a consultation.