The Huper Optik Drei window tint is unique – even among a lineup of the quality window films offered by Huper Optik. The Huper Optik Drei basically provides the maximum amount of protection from the sun while also limiting its impact away from your vehicle – such as by not reflecting the sun’s energy away and toward people and items nearby. It’s a fine line aiming to deflect the sun’s power while avoiding zinging that power elsewhere, yet the Germany-based company seems to have pulled it off. That Huper Optik’s very specialized technology used on the Drei films was chosen for use on a NASA Space Shuttle speaks volumes about its performance capabilities.

The Huper Optik Drei Window Tint and the NASA Space Shuttle

That’s right, the technology used on Huper Optik Drei films were used on a Space Shuttle, to protect the pilots during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere while at the same time avoiding reflectivity which could impact the pilots’ vision. The Huper Optik Drei window tint films two-fold goals – protection and visual clarity – are optimal for motorists. Most everyone with interest in car window tinting appreciates the sun-protection qualities; and few would tolerate too much visual impact while driving or even as passengers. That the Huper Optik Drei window tints perform well in a number of window film measurement areas adds yet another attraction point for car owners.

Huper Optik Drei Ceramic Window Tint
Huper Optik Drei Ceramic Window Tint

‘Highest Performing’ Non-Reflective Film in the World

The company touts the Huper Optik Drei window films as “The highest performing, non-reflective film in the world.” For the Space Shuttle for instance, Huper Optik developed its spectrally selective technology, for which the Select Series is named. With the spectrally selective technology, Huper Optik engaged nano-technology to use precious metals such as silver and gold to let in as much light as possible while still rejecting the most heat. All the while without increasing the visual reflectivity. It was the application of high technology to window films to the fullest.

Summary of Huper Optik Drei Specs

Huper Optik Drei window film specifications differ a bit depending on whether it is to be applied to single pane or double pane windows. Here’s a broad summary of the Huper Optik Drei window tint benefits:

  • Rejects up to 70 percent of Total Solar Energy (TSER)
  • Blocks more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays)
  • No discoloration over time; Huper Optik backs this up with an ironclad warranty

From an investment perspective, going with a Huper Optik Drei window tint means protecting your vehicle and its insides from aging and damage from the sun. This means long-term value, including for the potential re-sale value.

Huper Optik Drei Ceramic Window Tint
Huper Optik Drei Ceramic Window Tint

Huper Optik Drei Window Film for the Experience

Many car owners prefer the Huper Optik Drei window tint for its alignment with a good driving experience. That is, this window film does not detract from driving a car. Viewed from the outside the Huper Optik Drei tint is rather inconspicuous. Windows treated with the Drei tint can appear hardly tinted, and the reflection of light is minimal. For reference, many car enthusiasts refer to the look as “European,” providing an exquisite touch of style to your vehicle. But don’t think the film’s unassuming exterior nature leaves you vulnerable; the Huper Optik Drei window films block almost all UV rays, and reject an estimated 98 percent of quirky infra-red rays (IR rays).

Select Series films by Huper Optik are available for automotive, commercial and residential properties. For more information please contact Window Tintz today!