If you’d like to be impressed by the technical specifications of a window film product, look no further than the Huper Optik Drei specs. This top-tier product from the company’s Select Series window film line is, without room for debate, one of the the best vehicle window films on the market today.

The reason Huper Optik Drei tint specs are so impressive is precisely because the window film itself is to unassuming. Drei window tint is hard to perceive unless you appreciate its many benefits first-hand as a driver or passenger in a car treated with this product. Those looking at a car treated with Drei window tint from the outside will see a handsome vehicle with vaguely tinted, minimally reflective windows. (The look is often described as European in appearance, for reference.)

Huper Optik Drei Specs and Price
Huper Optik Drei Specs and Price

But those within the car will enjoy a crystal clear view out unfettered by the harsh glare of sunlight or incoming headlights at night; they will enjoy a cooler, more comfortable cabin; and they and the vehicle’s interior will be protected against damage caused by UV light. As for the actual breakdown of Huper Optik Drei specs, it allows for around 60% visible light transfer, which is impressive considering the window film rejects nearly 55% of the sun’s total solar energy. It blocks 99.9% of UV rays and more than 80% of the infrared light, while cutting down on glare by more than a third.

Huper Optik Drei Specs
Huper Optik Drei Specs – UV Protection, Heat Rejection, Glare Reduction